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Bringing a Balance between happiness and reaching upto your Rainbow and big goals!

Dreams do come true !

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Your happiness hinges on maintaining a delicate balance between

1- Doing the Tasks and routine work : These could be your daily tasks and routine work like going to work , cooking,cleaning up the kitchen,doing your yard , school work , profession and shopping etc. This comes under the daily habits and doing part in life
2- Having the things you enjoy in your life : These could be physical , intellectual , virtues as assets you enjoy in your life like car, home,stereo system,stationery,piano,casio, pair of designer watches,designer shoes.Intangible assets like feeling fearless, peace of mind , happiness,joy , enjoying a calm mind and relaxed body.
3- Being content and enjoying your experiences from all that you do and have : Being means having a sense of wellbeing in your aura.Your aura is pleasant and you are comfortable in your own skin.You often sense you are in absolute harmony with the Universe and you enjoy solitude and quietness.You also enjoy an element of playfulness and curiosity to keep your inner child’s spirit kindled & ignited.You experience Serendipity,and feel you are in the right place , in the right time.

When these aspects of your life are in tune with each other then your life feels right !

How Do you feel about your life right now?

How do you achieve balance between personal development , money , Heath & Fitness, career and spirituality ?

Do you feel exhausted or overwhelmed with your life situation ?

If you are resonating with this, then I exactly know what’s going on ! I was like this !

Everything magically fitted into place when I asked for help from the universe on my goals !

Now I look back I could achieve almost everything I had aimed for !

Miracles do happen when all the life forces come together as one !

Coach with us ! Leave us your comment and thank you for being here !

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Listing your dreams- activity!

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With A small list of wishes is how I started my journey into product + services entrepreneurship 💕💕

Are you amazed by the “power of journaling your wishes and dreams” from the heart ? 

Try it today ! Dreams come true ! We need to trust 🙇‍♀️ and surrender 🎈🎈🎈

Take a deep breath and relax 
Write down all your wishes with a fun mindset without any expectations and then place it in front of you ! 

Everyday in the morning – look at it and say “I’m truly grateful becoz this too shall come true !“ 

“Gratitude” is the mother of all attitudes 🌸

How to Design your Life’s blueprint ?

Are you aware that Sir Martin Luther King Jr. had coined a concept called “Design your Life’s Blueprint?”

If not, then read on ….

I stumbled upon this amazing video by Sir Martin Luther King Jr. who talked about several years back on how to design your life’s blueprint.

Why this resonates so much with me as in 2015 , I was inspired to start a coaching model / framework based on IBM’s Design Thinking framework –

“Envision to Execute” . It was about Business design blueprinting ( first in the mind and then bringing it out into the external world.)

From there my journey began to search for life’s meaning , purpose and significance.

The more I would get stuck in a concept or step , the more I would struggle to wriggle out of the stuckness and move forward- because I wouldn’t settle for anything less- my goals were larger than my life back then.

The initiative became a reality when I started testing the coaching framework with a few women at home and then extended it to corporate women and then slowly and steadily started offering it for a small fee.

It became more and more evident that the model was working and it was improving every time I interacted with new clients – they would teach me how to enhance their experience.

This way “Unlock the Blueprint of your Life’s design” from a concept that was conceived by the mind became true in my consciousness and reality -with sheer hard work and determination and that one single pointedness focus to bring it out from vision to execution. I also incorporated “The Secret” process of ASK-BELIEVE-RECEIVE and concepts from NLP.

From the Book : “The Power”

“This is the most important and crucial period of your lives, for what you do now and what you decide now at this age may well determine which way your life shall go. The question is, whether you have a proper, a solid, and a sound blueprint. I want to suggest some of the things that should be in your life’s blueprint. Number one in your life’s blueprint should be a deep belief in your own dignity, your own worth and your own somebodiness. Don’t allow anybody to make you feel that you are nobody. Always feel that you count. Always feel that you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance.”

“Secondly, in your life’s blueprint, you must have as a basic principle the determination to achieve excellence in your various fields of endeavor. You’re going to be deciding as the days and the years unfold what you will do in life, what your life’s work will be. Once you discover what it will be, set out to do it and to do it well. Be a bush if you can’t be a tree. If you can’t be a highway, just be a trail. If you can’t be the sun, be a star, for it isn’t by size that you win or you fail, be the best of whatever you are.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is the Speech delivered by him

And then the process of ASK – BELIEVE – RECEIVE makes your DREAMS a REALITY.

So to summarise the Blueprint of your Life’s design starts from


Try it and let me know how it goes!

Art of letting go and moving on- Part 2

Why it is hard to let go?

Humans are emotional beings; we make connections with inanimate or animate things. And, so we do with our current environment. Sometimes, we become comfortable in discomfort. It is downright sadistic and you are inflicting pain on yourself. No sane person would want to feel pain all the time. 

You want to leave them behind and have a fresh start with spontaneity and positive feelings. But your mind has become used to of these negative thoughts, how do you overcome that? It will not let go of something it has invested so much energy and time to hold and pile up. It works against you. It would tend to make you weak. But your will alone will help you triumph. 

Make drastic changes, and command your mind to cope with it. Don’t let it fool you with the illusions of finding happiness in the darkness. Darkness makes you lose vision – the vision of life, opportunity, love, kindness, positivity; the list goes on. Nothing takes root in toxic soil. You have to nourish it again and that can happen only in the light. 

Would letting go make you win the war? 

Letting go is the first signal you give to your brain that you want to quit living like a victim. You want to cherish your battle scars and move on to the next level, and keep it up.  

It is just a battle; a long war awaits you. But the first step will always be letting go of the baggage and taking time from that exhausting sulking to evaluate your environment. It includes giving up on your pre-notions, it is about adapting to the changes in your mental and physical environment and doing your best to survive. Above all, never forget to keep moving forward. Remember it is a war, and you don’t run back or standstill in the war you have to keep leading your life forward to win. 

My rendezvous with letting go 

Working for IBM for 15 years and having total work experience of 23 years, I too grew a lot attached to the badge that I was wearing. Being a part of a prestigious organization, people identifying me with the name of the brand, I was scared to take that sharp exit from that lane towards a new beginning – the making of Ranjini Rao, a life coach, and an entrepreneur.

But despite making peace with something that never gave me wholesome satisfaction, I gave up the comfort that emptiness offered me. I decided to take a rocky road, right up to the hilltop. It is never easy; it is never intended to be easy. Afterall battling with self is like fighting someone who knows all your secrets, it knows your strategy, and worse part is your brain has the power of seeding an illusion. See-through does lies and I am sure, even the simplest strategy will work out. Take firm decisions, challenge your mind to accept the ground reality and it will lose. You control your mind, and the rest is history.

Art of letting go pain and misery – Part 1

We always talk about the pain people have caused us over the years. Surprisingly, we never talk about our own actions that are holding us back. Every opportunity that life offers us to find love, balance, stability in our personal and professional life, can have a positive or negative result. Meanwhile, we happily accept the positive outcomes and move on, we hold back the negative ones that make us excessively heavy.

It is of utmost importance that we address these negative feelings sooner than later. Letting go of old baggage will free up your body to store positive energy and get a new outlook towards life.

What is letting go and why it is important?

Imagine yourself as a clock, where all three hands have to work right to work properly. These three hands are mind, body, and soul. Holding up on your past, and not giving your life another opportunity, will burden either or all three, and the equilibrium of life is lost. Letting go is losing those feelings and set things right again. It is an exercise to become emotionally lighter. It is about leaving the hurtful feelings behind and moving on. Let go of the pain that has been holding you from reaching your full potential. 

Pain and misery are a part of life, sometimes these negative feelings feast on a person’s childhood to impact most of their adult life. This makes us realize that the practice of letting go is not just something that is for a full-blown adult but also, for the children that are currently seeing a bad childhood or battling trauma and misery.

Like no two people think alike, even letting go of something has no defined process. Every person has their own mechanism to process the pain to the extent that finally, it steams out. Holding back negative feelings is not doing any harm to the people who have caused you pain, rather it is disturbing your own equilibrium.

Above all, we should not forget that we humans can only move forward. That is how life is. Holding up to something and waiting to change something that has already been done is wasting your time and energy on something that will never happen. We have done enough damage by drinking the poison of fear, hatred, regret, and emptiness, let’s not make another by carrying it our entire life.

See it as, trying to jump higher and higher every time to reach a goal. The lighter you are the higher you can jump. You need to unbuckle these feelings behind to take a higher jump each time while aiming for pedestal.

Mindfulness through Art and Qi from Srishti Vataa Healing arts centre

According to a HBR study — Organizations are demanding ever-higher performance from their workforces. People are trying to comply, but the usual method — putting in longer hours — has backfired. They’re getting exhausted, disengaged,and sick. And they’re defecting to healthier job environments.

Longer days at the office don’t work because time is a limited resource. But personal energy is renewable, say Schwartz and McCarthy. How might organisations buildworkers’ physical, emotional, and mental resilience for their employees?

Help your employees systematically rejuvenate their personal energy, and the benefits go straight to your bottom line.

Whats the ROI?

Wachovia Bank: Participants in an energy renewal program produced 13% points greater YoY in revenues from loans than a control group did. And they exceeded the control group’s gains in revenues from deposits by 20% points.


By giving their employees a space to express their true selves and manage their energy- at all 4 levels,

And….Here’s a great opportunity !

Introducing “Mindfulness through art and Qi” workshop that will help employees focus on building mental resilience which is an innate ability to overcome difficult situation, challenges and overall adversities that one faces on a daily basis.Its loaded with activity and action.

An action packed virtual hour of 3 hours :

  1. Understand employee challenges or pain points through non judgemental and non verbal method
  2. A mandala art therapy session complimented by a centering meditation technique
  3. Body movement to integrated and learn new behaviours or expressions
  4. Reflections and wrap up

It will help them in developing the ability to do well in times of great stress, urgency and pressure.

DM if any one interested : [email protected]

Dreams do come true !

“When you work simply for yourself or for your own personal gain your mind will seldom rise above the limitations of the undeveloped personal life; but when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,all your thoughts break bounds; your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction;and you find yourself in a new world, a great world, a wonderful world; dormant powers, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a larger man by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”
— Christian D. Larson, Business Psychology, 1912

When I wanted to write a book – I had no clue how I would do it.However the universe conspired to make it happen by hook or crook.I had my own notions on how my book should look and have. The universe made it happen for me or I made it happen in another way. The Blueprint of my life’s design was to become an author , an entrepreneur , artist , contributor towards development of humanity , so many other dreams for myself and my family. The book transpired into something I had never expected – Art combined with journaling and colouring aspects.

Here i present you my video on how I found my author expression and now it can help many other lives discover themselves and their inner strengths through mandalas and journaling.What more the designs are aligned to chakras – Chakras are energy portals or vortexes of consciousness.Its neither inside the body but placed like a hologram in front of the body and back ..Each center has significance and characteristics which I can touch upon in the next blog.

But in the book, I have taken a seeker through a journey into 7 chakras through chakra mandala designs with space for journaling . Many women who have purchased this book have found it interesting and have responded positively -that it has helped discover their own potential or patterns / beliefs.

I am appending the promotional video of my book and the links to purchase it from Amazon

Amazon (India)

Amazon (US)

In this very first volume in my Coloring Books for Adults & Teens, I have gathered together a range of chakra mandala patterns combined with color and psychotherapy to unlock the stuck energy in one’s cellular structure and DNA.These designs are aligned to the seven chakras. (Subtle energy systems)

Who is this book for?

For Teens and Adults.Ideal for self-discovery,art journalling,self-healing,self expression,improving confidence,stress management,relaxation,calming the mind. Questions are designed to help people in understanding their natural gifts and hidden talents & potential in career and life. Also those working with people with special needs,chronic illness health conditions,Art therapists,Holistic healers,all types of Counsellors ,Life Coaches.

Do let me know what you feel after you purchased the book?

Mindfulness Meditation: Unlock the power of your mind and body -Free Guided Meditation Online by Ranjini Rao

Mindfulness meditation for peace , stress management and awareness

Mindfulness Meditation: Unlock the power of your mind and body

It is very hard to handle stressful situations. Every individual should learn how to become aware of it and accepting it.

One form of meditation which is very effective in dealing with the problems and difficult situations of life is known as mindfulness mediation or awareness meditation. This is often considered by many people as a miraculous technique.

It is a fact that frustrations, stress, disappointments, anger, and other related negative emotions affects the mind and body adversely. Such negative actions and emotions must be handled effectively.

Likewise, set backs must be accepted truly without causing health problems. Insight meditation is like a medicine that helps people in dealing with negative situations and emotion in a manner that is most effective to them.

Mindfulness meditation allows or requires individuals to become aware of their environment. They are more likely sensitive in perceiving each moment.
Thus, they prefer to accept situations that are stressful rather than avoiding it. If you become aware about the internal status of your mind upon insight meditation, then you can learn to accept difficult circumstances without too much resistance.

By practicing mindfulness meditation, you can train your mind in achieving a tranquil state without being affected by external forces. The mind is aided in developing the needed strength to obtain such peacefulness.

Listen to this 5 minutes guided meditation that may bring out self awareness within and leave us a feedback!

Illustrated Mandala art by Ranjini Rao

So, you can say goodbye to your problems and live a better and a healthy life.

Bringing Mindfulness into corporate Trainings

As a Mindfulness through Arts , Design thinking for Businesses and Corporate leadership development facilitator -how many have witnessed many employees come to training sessions with too much on their minds to actually pay attention?

Own Photography – Taj Ooty

In order to help them focus and learn, try bringing mindfulness into the classroom.
I have personally seen the effectiveness of art or awareness based techniques.

Some useful tips from HBR :
1-Create a good learning environment. for eg Open spaces are optimal for learning

2- Stay Focussed
for eg Ask the participants to turn off their devices and then take a few minutes for everyone to practice mindfulness.

3- Breath awareness
For eg : Have people sit still, relax their bodies, focus on their breath, and let go of whatever is on their minds.

4-Mindfulness during Breaks
For eg Ask everyone to stay mindful during breaks.

5-Mindfulness in action
for eg : Rather than checking on work, they could take a walk, reflect, or write in a journal.

Adapted from “How to Get People to Pay Attention During Corporate Trainings,” by Jacqueline Carter et al.

HBR tip of the day !

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