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Intuitive guidance is a part of spirituality

Intuitive guidance Is a Part of Spirituality

Photography : Kaushalya Kuwadekar capture of an angel formation in the sky

Many a times, you may have faced situations where you might have been in a tumbled situation. If you take a decision in a certain way, then it can harm you or your loved ones, and if you take it the other way, then it can harm you or your loved ones too. Generally, a person left in such a situation hears decisions from the mind. Very few listen to the decisions given by the heart. Those taking decisions from mind think it wise and logical. You must always hear the call of your spirit during these times. However, many people do not how to hear and talk with your soul or spirit. There is a secret, which if a person practices, can hear and talk to his or her heart to take the right decisions. So intuition comes from the “Heart”.

Most of the people cannot make the difference between a thought and a call of spirit. They assume it the same. Though both are nearly the same, there is a very little difference between the two. And, the only person who is able to understand this difference tastes real success. The difference is like differentiating between a glass of water and a glass of soda. Understanding the difference is essential if you want to grow up as a successful individual. 

Intuitive guidance plays a major role while communicating with your spirit. Many people have this element of intuition more while many have this element less. However, by the help of meditation and spiritual guides, it is possible to attain this property of intuition. Intuition is like a message that you inner soul tries to convey you. It is different from thoughts. An intuition is always positive and if negative, then it is in the form of danger warnings. Always use discernment !

Intuition is like Footprints in the sand.All the way it was GOD who carried us , but we felt we were alone.

Intuition can be developed with Psychometry , Channeling , observing and noticing nature , communicating with nature / birds / animals , working with the clouds ,Angelic realm , Crystals , Sound , Smell etc.

Only when a person attains spiritual satisfaction, then he is able to reason out intuition from his or her soul. An intuition guides you, solves problems, helps you to alleviate from a stressful situation, and relieves anxiety and so on. Many a times, it has been seen that mysteries could be resolved by this property of intuition. Overall, it can be called a trust and faith in your inner self that leads to the attainment of the element of intuition. It must not be confused with confidence. Confidence is something different that is temporary. A person can lose confidence anytime, but if a person gains spirituality and intuition, then it is a permanent attainment.

Sync your brain AND heart, and you will find a coherence shift.

Your intelligence expands and your intuition increases making it easier to achieve success.

This “adding heart” instantly shifts your brain into a state of balance and makes it remarkably easier to function at peak efficiency.

This means you can profoundly change the nature of an exchange … a creative venture … a decision … your mental clarity … your physical power… your will power … your drive to achieve … all to enjoy greater success in life.


Here’s 5 Tips for reducing stress in your work place and for freelancers as an Art therapist , Reiki Master and Counsellor /Executive Coach / Life Coach.

Whether you hold a full-time job as a freelancer , work from home . As the work culture is increasingly changing your lifestyle habits and your routine has changed due to covid 19 conditions , it’s now more important to work more hours for less salary 😟😟 Or more than this it’s important to find a balance – I am a Taj Innercircle Work-life Balance Champion and I could completely understand what you are going through.

I have spent at least 4- 5 years out of a 15 year career with IBM remotely working and I am with you.

So Relax , if you have been stressed out lately from the workload , just follow these simple tips for a quick time out !


👉5 Tips to reduce stress

👉1- Listen to music : If your workplace permits listening to music during working hours, plug-in the headphones and tune in for some light, acoustic music. Not only does relaxing music ease your brain by taking away stress, but it can also give you some much-needed motivation to complete the tasks in hand. Classical symphonies, relaxing OSTs and acoustic sound all work wonders.

👉2- Take a break by taking a walk : With the constant pressure coming from the weight of the world around us, it’s quite easy to feel bogged down and depressed. This is why one must break away from work once in a while even if it sounds implausible. A simple walk around the home can give you a fresh perspective on things and how to get things done, which is essential for slowing down your thinking and detach.

👉3- Exercise : No, I’m not going ask you to abandon work to visit the gym for a 40-minute lifting session. All you have to do is some simple stretches in between work to feel refreshed and relaxed. You can even go for a 10 min jog, do some pushups, or dance around when no one’s looking to bring back peace of mind.

👉4- Play a game ( virtual or a board game ) : There are so many options available, might as well take a quick board game or play a virtual game.

👉5- Take a mandala class and feel socially connected !

“Art is creativity for the Soul”
“Mandalas give a calming and relaxing feeling to your mind”

We have had participants from WNS , EY , Accenture , Infosys , Intel and many corporates who have attended our online workshops.

And they all feel connected and they share their feelings thoughts and emotions and empathise with each other! Don’t think too much just sign up for our upcoming mandala art therapy class and feel the difference !

These are the benefits of stress management and art therapy :

1.Quit smoking (over a period of time)
2.Manage anger

3.Increase self confidence

4.Stress management

5.Mental focus


7,Release stress hormones

8.Reduce anxiety

9.Save costs of a therapist or clinical doctor by understanding your problem yourself

10.Obsessive compulsive disorder

11. How to Reduce weight and reduce Stress

Register here 👇👇👇

Don’t think too much; just try out these simple tips the next time you get stressed to feel the difference!

Watch the video here !

When Executive Coaches meet coaches from Sports field !

Leadership lessons can be learn from any sports field – especially cricket! 

As an Executive Coach what I learnt from Rahul’s leadership and what are some of the successful attributes of a leader .We pick the attributes of whom we relate and connect to. There’s always something to learn or unlearn.

Rahul Dravid (Leader , Cricketer , former captain ) and myself on the right

This wisdom comes from a learning circle group run by Anil Santhapuri where we triggered some beautiful conversations around coaching and sports and there was an avalanche of pictures and memories shared by the group members ! 

These are some of the cherished autographs in life 😊

Did you know I used to be the vice captain of girls cricket in Godrej Hillside Staff quarters colony ? This was way back in 1980’s.When girls cricket wasn’t that popular yet.

I learnt to play cricket naturally and we used to play weekend matches and celebrate those winning . Moments as a group of teenagers back then ! We were a strong set of players!

It used to be Godrej Boyce v/s Soaps girls cricket matches and very competitive and gripping moments for audiences 🙂

We can learn a lot of lessons in life and at work from cricket !

Later in life , I bumped into several cricket players and it was a chance of opportunity and luck coming together!

Feels blessed and my heart is pouring with gratitude 💕💕 for these moments with Rahul Dravid!

No alt text provided for this image

If you are wondering whose autograph this is – none other than the legendary captain and leader commonly known as “The Wall “ – Rahul Dravid.

No alt text provided for this image

But why did I bring this up today as an executive coach ?

Because as an Executive and Life wellness coach , I look back and admire some of the traits these people have in them.

I always ask myself what is it that I can learn even without interacting with them? They have seen failures , leadership , success , fame and money , disappointments , regrets !

Does life spare them because they are celebrities ?! No way !

But their achievements and performance and results was evidence as it reflected their “true” potential .

Just having Potential won’t be sufficient. When “Potentiality” meets action that often leads to Results & outcomes for oneself and for the society,then self actualization is attained”

Ranjini Rao

The one who knows to handle it all and be humble and grounded are the ones I admire !

So thank you Rahul Dravid for “being” you !

What did you learn from your role model in sports or any other field ?

  • Humility 
  • Grit 
  • Courage 
  • Authenticity 
  • Silence is powerful ( while interacting with him on video shoots for IBM software group events .) I even remember prompting him to retake a video because he didn’t say “I’ll be there at Software Universe , see you there!” I made him do it again and he willingly agreed . 😁
  • Never display arrogance 
  • Prove your worth in your game on the field and improve the performance of the players and team’s excellence 
  • Focus your energies and frustration to drive excellence not tangled into Politics,Power and Authority

But I also acknowledge that I was true to my role as a digital marketing presence leader for getting the best out of what was required for audiences to relate to Dravid!

The Best version of Yourself is built this way! Being better than you were before ! 

Ranjini Rao

What do you learn from Sportsmen/women and what is the one trait or attribute you like about them?

Type here 👇👇👇

PS :I also have a business card with his autograph taken in the flight and a priceless pic with him at #theRenaissance Powai #celebrity encounters