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How Beliefs can shape your destiny and Dreams?

How beliefs can shape your destiny and dreams ?

Here is a video where I share the truth about self doubt and how was keeping me in safe or comfort zone . Yes self doubt is a a certain way to remain in ignorance.

I remember someone last year told me I couldn’t do the things a certain way and it will never happen ! I proved them wrong again! And it was about keeping my beliefs to my bolster ie close to my Guru’s feet and surrendered it to the power of Universe!

The truth is once you sign an agreement with the “Light” , then everything must diminish by the “Law of diminishing” once self doubt diminishes from your core existence you must develop
Or add faith and purpose to start with .. and make it work towards you !

This is exactly where I was when I started my journey.

I had one of my breakthroughs in my belief systems yesterday and take super pride to sharing this incident so that no one allows themselves to be in ignorance or self doubt anymore !

Once you diminish or erase self doubt then you can start believing in your dreams and in yourself to making your dreams a reality !

Next time – will you fuel your self doubts or your powerful beliefs ?

How to do a release ritual for stuck emotions from your subconscious mind?

When I work with my clients , lot of times they feel the fears and emotional blocks release after space clearing techniques , however they still tend to carry the debris in their aura. Emotional atmosphere is something that is taken for granted because it is not visible to the naked eye – doesnt mean it is non existential. Here is where emotional body and etheric space clearing tools come handy.

How can my clients know about the feeling exists? Because it influences mood swings and constant yo-yo syndrome of happiness, sadness, anger, frustration , joy or aggressive behaviours. To create a feeling of peace, inspiration and creativity around your aura , you need to do some rituals.

If you want to release some blocks from your aura, then choose to do the ritual during waning moon (for Lunar cycles refer

These fears or blocks are generally stored around your heart chakra .

The ritual that I am sharing here, can be repeated every waning phase moon cycle to ensure that you are completely healed of that emotional state.

When to follow this ritual ?

1- When you have constant arguements with family members or spouse or anyone in particular repeatedly.

2- When everything else looks fine on the surface except there is this feeling of drained or suffocation or invisible pain or feeling in the heart or gut area.

3- Some bad news or some mishap occured due to which you are feeling low or sad for no reason.

4- Someone shared with you their issues or negative stories and you have absorbed those energies – subconsciously.

5- Mentally you feel blocked and no new ideas are flowing in or you seem to be stuck in a box.Also certain thoughts are repeated and don’t seem to go anywhere!

These are signs that there could be a need for space clearing or auric debris or releasing negative thoughts or patterns.

Timing: After the sun has set ( Post 8 pm your time )

Phase : Waning phase ( 2-3 days after full moon phase)

Steps for this ritual :

1- Purchase or place a bowl of rock salt or sea salt

2- Take a brown coloured paper or a brown/black colored sketch pen if you don’t have colored paper.

3 – Start writing down your fears or negative beliefs or thoughts down that constantly bother you or your intentions to release any sort of feelings or thoughts that have been bothering you.

4 – Layout a simple altar with a few candles and clear the space and just place a mat , a clay pot or glass and maybe a few crystals like black tourmaline, Jet , or Black Onyx or Obsidian to help you release those blocks.A kyanite would be great too!

5- Place a house plant or green plant next to you too (if possible)

6- An angel picture or a Saint’s image for protection and prayer

7- An incense stick , match stick and bowl of salt next to you.

8- Play some sufi or calming shamanic music in the background to get into the state to release your fears or blocks.

9- Relax your mind and body and emotions and start writing down those thoughts or feelings or emotions on a piece of paper . Don’t stop writing until you feel its done. Once you have done writing .

10- Hold the paper and pray to the fire element / God that the fears are going to diminish from your aura and say a small gratitude prayer in advance to your angels or higher self for giving this opportunity for you to become free of emotions.And may this be done for your highest good!

11 – Open your eyes , take the paper and light the candle or match stick and start burning the paper in the clay pot or glass bowl . Ensuring you take care of your belongings and stay safe. Take 3 deep breaths and say to yourself -” I see my fears burn in the flame NOW .”

“I see all the negativity or negative energies transmute into fire and light NOW.”

Flame is energy and anything that has energy has a vibrational frequency. There was fire and water and earth at the beginning of all things and This same fire and earth energy were cause by me in my body. I now identify that I have created this energy in my essence or in my existence and NOW I let go of this from my subconscious and consciousness NOW.

Thank you . It is done .It is done. It is done. Let this thought energy flow through you and Know that it is completed. See the fumes and smell them. Intend that you have conquered your fears. Contemplate on this ritual and experience.Note down any thoughts or observations as you get or receive any impressions.

Light a candle and stare at it for a while. ( 5- 10 mins)

Say loudly : I am a reflection of the universe.And I see myself and fill myself with light and love of a greater and higher truth. I am part of an Infinite Universe throughout the time and from the moment it was I have been co creating ever since. ( Extend your arms towards the light or candle)

May this light never be extinguished in my heart , but be with me through all times and all seasons. So shall it be.

This formally ends the ritual. Stay for a few moments in quiet contemplation. aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and calming vibrations produced by the ritual.

So.. do try it and Let me know how it goes! Cheers to your emotional space clearing and emotional freedom!

Eight Ways to Improve Your Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings and emotions. It is essential to building good relationships, both at work and in your personal life. People who don’t exhibit empathy are viewed as cold and self-absorbed, and they often lead isolated lives. Sociopaths are famously lacking in empathy. Conversely, someone who is empathetic is perceived as warm and caring.

The research shows that empathy is partly innate and partly learned. Everyone can improve, however. Here are eight ways to strengthen your own empathy:

  1. Challenge yourself. Undertake challenging experiences which push you outside your comfort zone. Learn a new skill, for example, such as a musical instrument, hobby, or foreign language. Develop a new professional competency. Doing things like this will humble you, and humility is a key enabler of empathy.
  2. Get out of your usual environment. Travel, especially to new places and cultures. It gives you a better appreciation for others.
  3. Get feedback. Ask for feedback about your relationship skills (e.g., listening) from family, friends, and colleagues—and then check in with them periodically to see how you’re doing.
  4. Explore the heart not just the head. Read literature that explores personal relationships and emotions. This has been shown to improve the empathy of young doctors.
  5. Walk in others’ shoes. Talk to others about what it is like to walk in their shoes—about their issues and concerns and how they perceived experiences you both shared.
  6. Examine your biases. We all have hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) biases that interfere with our ability to listen and empathize. These are often centered around visible factors such as age, race, and gender. Don’t think you have any biases? Think again—we all do.
  7. Cultivate your sense of curiosity. What can you learn from a very young colleague who is “inexperienced?” What can you learn from a client you view as “narrow”? Curious people ask lots of questions (point 8), leading them to develop a stronger understanding of the people around them.
  8. Ask better questions
    Bring three or four thoughtful, even provocative questions to every conversation you have with clients or colleagues.

Learn to Empathize and Build the Relationships that Truly Matter to Career Success.

(Content credits : Received content as a forward )

Mindfulness and mental well being

You may feel stressed-out when waiting in a line at the bank or the post office, when driving in traffic or along an unfamiliar route, when facing a deadline, or when having an uncomfortable conversation.

You can even experience stress reactions as a result of anticipating or remembering such events.

Though these stresses seem fairly minor, they can cause all sorts of symptoms, such as muscular tension, headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal upset, and skin conditions. Long-term stress can also be a factor in serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and dementia, particularly if you rely on unhealthy strategies to cope with stress, such as smoking, substance abuse, overeating, or overworking.

One of the gifts that mindfulness offers is helping you recognize that there are choices in how you respond to any stressful situation.

Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor, describes this eloquently: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” (Pattakos 2008, viii).

Even amidst Frankl’s imprisonment, he found ways to provide comfort and healing to those around him, underscoring that, with awareness, everyone has freedom of choice how to respond. The key is awareness.

Of course, conditioning is a powerful force that can make it difficult to change. Just as water finds the path of least resistance, you’ll tend to fall back on habits because in many ways this is the easiest course to follow. This includes habitual ways of seeing and reacting.

To help provide motivation for the challenging work of turning off your autopilot and resisting habitual reactions and behaviors, mindfulness activities such as Mandala art , meditation or breath awareness will help you explore how stress is impacting your life.

Becoming truly aware of the stress in your life and how you interact with it is a necessary first step in choosing new responses that will serve you better.

Let me ask you today – Are you aware in the present moment? And from a scale of 1-10 how aware are you?

(Adapted from the book- Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction workbook)

Try this Navel meditation on weekends ( Mindfulness tips)

Mindfulness Sunday : Navel Meditation

Hey folks ! Time for Navel meditation that can be done by a beginner as you focus your breath on your belly and your breathing.

Inner Journey’s of lifelong evolution often begin simply….

No matter how complex the goal or desire we have nurtured in our souls, the first steps we take are nearly always basic and uncomplicated.

This inner cave or Navel meditation, a creation of the Taoist tradition and the oldest form of meditation recognised in China and India, is a simple practice suitable for those experienced in the art of meditation, yet it is also a wonderful introductory meditation for novices.

It utilizes the natural rhythms of the breath and the regular movement of the abdomen as a means to focus awareness and rid oneself of extraneous thoughts.

As you concentrate on the breath, the chaos within reveals itself, allowing you to gently train your mind to accept stillness as its natural state.

Step 1 : To begin, assume a comfortable and natural seated position–either cross-legged on a cushion on the floor or on a chair with your legs facing forward. Maintaining an upright, balanced posture will ensure that you are physically centered and prevent fatigue.

Step 2 : Now Close your eyes and relax your body gradually, starting at the toes and ending at the crown of the head. Take a moment to note any physical sensations you are feeling, such as the hardness of the floor under your legs or the weight of a piece of jewellery.

Step 3 : When you are relaxed, breathe through the nose at your natural pace. With each inhalation, draw air deep into the abdomen, allowing the area surrounding your navel to rise and fall. Gradually focus your attention on the sensations caused by the inhalation and exhalation of breath.

Step 4 : You can feel the air flowing in and out of the nostrils as well as the expansion and contraction of the abdomen. If you find it difficult to concentrate on both sensations, concentrate only on the movement of the navel area.

Step 5 : As you endeavour to commune with the breath, you may notice that your mind strays- do not attach any significance to your thoughts. Simply bring your attention back to the flow of air into and out of your body and the rise and fall of your navel. 

You can slowly and steadily come out of this meditative state and roll your shoulders, move your fingers and toes and become aware of the environment. Hope you enjoyed this meditation .

Credits : @dailyom

What is Abundance and how does it bring Happiness?

What Is Happiness?

Different individuals have different feelings on what makes people happy. Some would say it’s getting a raise. Others would say it’s having a marvellous and meaningful life. There have even been rather a few who have more particular answers pertaining to their personal life.

All of these answers strike a chord, naturally. While everyone has their own belief, some universal matters like the ones below might be conceived as what makes individuals happy.

1. Family and friends

Among the things that make individuals happy and pleased is the company of loved ones and friends. The emotional back up these individuals give you is priceless.

You probably don’t enjoy being smothered by your mother or your father, but attending family reunions or getting together for a picnic or a cook out once in a while hearts up your happiness level. Having individuals around you that you love, trust, cherish and care for makes you feel that you’re not alone.

2. Giving back

Assisting others, whether in small or big ways, elates a person’s spirit like nothing else.
Doing something for nothing may be completely opposite of what you’ve been taught, but acts of generosity & unselfishness always leave you with feelings.

Sharing your wealthiness or time with others puts you in the position to encounter the same positive energy back from other people. Likewise, making a difference in someone else’s life has a way of returning to you.

3. Meaningful work A job with an elevated salary isn’t always what makes individuals happy. As a matter of fact, these jobs often make individuals miserable (unless your heart is in what you do). Regrettably, not everybody can afford to go after their dream job. And not everybody finds meaning in their work. You may try to correct for this by volunteering at hospitals or environmental campaigns in your spare time. By discovering meaning in what you do, you’ll feel accomplished and have a purposefulness.

4. Freedom It’s impossible to become truly happy when you don’t have even a small ounce of freedom in your life. Whether it’s being able to convey yourself creatively or being able to make a choice for yourself, personal freedom is crucial. Suppressing yourself only generates a lot of damaging emotions and discontent.

5. Success Who doesn’t prefer to succeed? Individuals who have accomplished personal or professional success in their life are more prepared to go after other goals and try fresh experiences. They become more contented with the centering their life is taking and are generally happier in the long-run.

What does abundance and happiness mean to you?

The Eight Attitudes of Mindfulness

In my previous blog, I had mentioned how stress can lead to various health conditions and how being mindful of your being and breath will help you rebalance your energies or restore your mental well being .

In this blog , we shall explore eight attitudes of Mindfulness:

Eight attitudes of Mindfulness
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Let’s take cooking for a moment , how would you consider trying it as a beginner ?

Cooking skills
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1. Assume a Beginners mind – You could Begin with a mindset that you wouldn’t need to know cooking and its the first time your trying it – You could sense or smell the carrots or capsicum with green veggies whatever you are planning to cook and get familiarised with the recipe and procedure

2. Being non judgemental – Being non judgemental with yourself would really help because you are not an expert or expected to be one.All you need to do is start preparing a dish or salad or whatever you have planned as an outcome and staying in this space of curiosity.

3. Patience – Trying anything for the time first makes our brains get overwhelmed by this pace of learning and skills development that we try and apply it to any context or area in life. Leaving us susceptible to frustration, worry, panic and impatience . Some of these behaviours are conditioned from the past.

4. Trust – Learning to trust that whatever you are trying in cooking today is going to be ok and fine. Trust in your intuition or gut feel or whatever that thought is and tell yourself – Whatever I am going to make is gonna be great and amazing!

5. Non – Striving – Allow yourself to experiment and not force anything out of the process. Attitude matters big time. Bring in an element of ease and joy and do no rush through the process . Your mind may take you to a higher gear while you are still at gear 1 .

6. Acceptance – Acknowledge your self-reliance that you care for self and others while cooking .

7. Letting Go -Cooking associates to learning any new skill so let go of the need or being impatient with your culinary skills with yourself and others. Let go of the need for perfecting anything in the attempt or rushing to completing the dish, knowing that you are doing it for the very first time and doing your best.

8- Generosity (For others including self) Show generosity and self compassion .Allow yourself for mistakes and several failures.

Imagine this process or check-in being mindfully written on your mind’s whiteboard – where you can imprint these attitudes and start seeing how they express themselves in reality. Also explore where else can you use this approach ?

4 steps to Inner Richness or Wealth mindset

If your desire is to enjoy riches and wealth, then you need to create an environment for that to grow and prosper.

These 4 steps are key to bringing you closer to enjoying riches.

1. Set Your Money Goals

It ís time to get your pen and paper out, and make some decisions. What is your goal for earnings for the next 6 months? 12 months? 5 years? 25 years? Write it down and in addition create a dream board that is a vision of what wealth is going to look like for you. What are you going to do with your wealth? What are some of the things you are going to buy with your wealth? Think big and don’t hold back.

2. It’s Time to Track Your Spending Habits

It is time to create a journal of how you are spending your money. There is software that can help you do this tracking just where your money is going not just by where you spend it but by category as well. For example, entertainment, utilities, housing, etc.

3. You Need to Create an Income Stream

All around you are business opportunities and you don’t always require a large amount of capital to get started; however, you may need to think outside the box, change the way you are thinking about getting your start. You also need to set at least one goal and more is better. Here are some examples of goals:

  • My goal is to own my own business
  • My goal is to be my own boss
  • My goal is to have financial freedom
  • My goal is to be in control of my life
  • My goal is to create residual income

When you begin to focus on the goals that you set, you will actually reprogram your subconscious suddenly opportunities will begin to pop up everywhere. Isn’t that so exciting?

4. Don’t Be Afraid to be Generous

Be generous with your money. If you have not had money you might tend to want to hang on to your new found money and your growing wealth. But you need to begin to think and act like you have abundance and share it freely. This does not mean that you are being careless. It means that rather than giving the basic 10 % tip you give 20 %. It means helping someone that’s down on their luck, or it means sending flowers to someone that’s important to you. Make a pact with yourself to be generous once a week.

Do try these hacks to prosperity and let me know how it goes!

To your wealth and prosperity! I pray and send you prosperity blessings !

Learning the importance of 5 Elements in Feng Shui

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The Five Elements of Feng Shui 

The principle of five elements is important to the concept of Feng Shui as they work in certain ways in accordance with the rotation of the Productive and Destructive cycles. All five of the elements correspond with a certain color and some of the elements will use more than one color. Here are the five elements and their corresponding colors: 


The Wood element represents growth, development and planning. This element resides in the East and Southeast areas of your space. It is associated with the brown/green color spectrum and the columnar shape. 


The fire element represents expansion, enthusiasm and transformation and provides energy to things that are career related. It will also assist you in being recognized in your achievements. This element resides in the South, Northeast and Southwest areas of your space. It is associated with the red, orange, purple, pink and strong yellow colour spectrum and the triangular shape.


The water element represents easiness, abundance, freshness, calm and purity. This element can be used in the North, East and Southeast areas of your space. It is associated with the blue and black color spectrum and wavy lines. 


The earth element represents stability, nourishment and protection in relationships. It can be used in the Northeast, Southeast and Center areas of your space. This element is associated with the beige and yellow color spectrum and the square shape. 


The metal element represents accuracy, clarity and efficiency and can be used in the West, North and Northwest areas of your space. This element is ideal for your home or business and is associated with the white and grey colour spectrum and the circle, oval and crescent shapes. 

Article Credits : eBook on Feng Shui

How to be grateful or Be in an attitude of Gratitude?

Developing an attitude of heartfelt and sincere Gratitude for all your current blessings unleashes the ultimate power for obtaining many more. Give thanks each day and you will see how being grateful for everything you have today can create great changes in your life.

“Thank you” – these two simple words can change one’s life. With the problems that we may face every day in our lives, these two little words are often the most neglected words each day. We always see the worst in life that is why we never become truly happy.

Expressing your gratitude or even being thankful about the things you have is really important. This will change your entire life – the way you see life, the way you handle your problems and the way you cope with the daily challenges.

Gratitude means counting your blessings, thankfulness, acknowledging things that you receive and noticing those simple pleasures in your life. The moment you wake up in the morning, say a little prayer, giving thanks to another life given to you. Gratitude means learning to live a kind of life as if things were miracles, and it also means being fully aware on continuous bases about how much you have been given.

Gratitude also shifts your focus from the things you lack in life towards great abundance that is now present. It is also good to note that psychological and behavioral research has shown the most amazing improvements in life brought by the practice of gratitude. Bring thankful and appreciating life and the things life offers you makes us more resilient and even happier.

Resilient in the sense that no matter what challenges and difficulties we experience, we know that life is not cruel to give us something that we can’t bear. It gives us strength with the belief and the mindset that no matter how many problems we may encounter, the blessings we receive are much greater than them. Gratitude strengthens relationships, reduces stress and improves health.

Once you develop an attitude of a sincere attitude for all the blessing you receive, this unleashes the power for you to receive even more than you already have.

Having the feeling of gratitude essentially means taking nothing for granted and giving thanks about the abundance in life that you have obtained. Gratitude actually fits in with abundance in various aspects. As a famous writer says, “ A lot of people are trapped in the state of poverty by having lack of gratitude.”

An Abundance Mindset always goes with gratitude because we can always attract great wealth as well as abundance with the power of gratitude.

Today I want to reward you with a free gift of a Gratitude Mandala Sheet Design and free ebook on how to develop Gratitude – Register here to receive your free Copy on how to be grateful and drawing a Gratitude mandala design!

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