When Executive Coaches meet coaches from Sports field !

Leadership lessons can be learn from any sports field – especially cricket! 

As an Executive Coach what I learnt from Rahul’s leadership and what are some of the successful attributes of a leader .We pick the attributes of whom we relate and connect to. There’s always something to learn or unlearn.

Rahul Dravid (Leader , Cricketer , former captain ) and myself on the right

This wisdom comes from a learning circle group run by Anil Santhapuri where we triggered some beautiful conversations around coaching and sports and there was an avalanche of pictures and memories shared by the group members ! 

These are some of the cherished autographs in life 😊

Did you know I used to be the vice captain of girls cricket in Godrej Hillside Staff quarters colony ? This was way back in 1980’s.When girls cricket wasn’t that popular yet.

I learnt to play cricket naturally and we used to play weekend matches and celebrate those winning . Moments as a group of teenagers back then ! We were a strong set of players!

It used to be Godrej Boyce v/s Soaps girls cricket matches and very competitive and gripping moments for audiences 🙂

We can learn a lot of lessons in life and at work from cricket !

Later in life , I bumped into several cricket players and it was a chance of opportunity and luck coming together!

Feels blessed and my heart is pouring with gratitude 💕💕 for these moments with Rahul Dravid!

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If you are wondering whose autograph this is – none other than the legendary captain and leader commonly known as “The Wall “ – Rahul Dravid.

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But why did I bring this up today as an executive coach ?

Because as an Executive and Life wellness coach , I look back and admire some of the traits these people have in them.

I always ask myself what is it that I can learn even without interacting with them? They have seen failures , leadership , success , fame and money , disappointments , regrets !

Does life spare them because they are celebrities ?! No way !

But their achievements and performance and results was evidence as it reflected their “true” potential .

Just having Potential won’t be sufficient. When “Potentiality” meets action that often leads to Results & outcomes for oneself and for the society,then self actualization is attained”

Ranjini Rao

The one who knows to handle it all and be humble and grounded are the ones I admire !

So thank you Rahul Dravid for “being” you !

What did you learn from your role model in sports or any other field ?

  • Humility 
  • Grit 
  • Courage 
  • Authenticity 
  • Silence is powerful ( while interacting with him on video shoots for IBM software group events .) I even remember prompting him to retake a video because he didn’t say “I’ll be there at Software Universe , see you there!” I made him do it again and he willingly agreed . 😁
  • Never display arrogance 
  • Prove your worth in your game on the field and improve the performance of the players and team’s excellence 
  • Focus your energies and frustration to drive excellence not tangled into Politics,Power and Authority

But I also acknowledge that I was true to my role as a digital marketing presence leader for getting the best out of what was required for audiences to relate to Dravid!

The Best version of Yourself is built this way! Being better than you were before ! 

Ranjini Rao

What do you learn from Sportsmen/women and what is the one trait or attribute you like about them?

Type here 👇👇👇

PS :I also have a business card with his autograph taken in the flight and a priceless pic with him at #theRenaissance Powai #celebrity encounters 

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