Bringing Mindfulness into corporate Trainings

As a Mindfulness through Arts , Design thinking for Businesses and Corporate leadership development facilitator -how many have witnessed many employees come to training sessions with too much on their minds to actually pay attention?

Own Photography – Taj Ooty

In order to help them focus and learn, try bringing mindfulness into the classroom.
I have personally seen the effectiveness of art or awareness based techniques.

Some useful tips from HBR :
1-Create a good learning environment. for eg Open spaces are optimal for learning

2- Stay Focussed
for eg Ask the participants to turn off their devices and then take a few minutes for everyone to practice mindfulness.

3- Breath awareness
For eg : Have people sit still, relax their bodies, focus on their breath, and let go of whatever is on their minds.

4-Mindfulness during Breaks
For eg Ask everyone to stay mindful during breaks.

5-Mindfulness in action
for eg : Rather than checking on work, they could take a walk, reflect, or write in a journal.

Adapted from “How to Get People to Pay Attention During Corporate Trainings,” by Jacqueline Carter et al.

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