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Life Wellness Hacks for Entrepreneurs : Time to unlock yourself of fears!

In the wake of bouncing back or getting back to the workplace ,during the unlock phase of COVID-19 , it’s a new norm but business as usual. It’s Important to bear in mind a few things:

1- continue to wear the mask , keep the sanitiser handy and avoid crowds or touching any surfaces that used by many people.

2- continue to eat healthy food or home cooked food for some more time . Workout regularly and avoid junk food ! Build your immunity by thinking positive and be strong !!

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Inner Preneur v.s Entrepreneur mindset

Are you geared with your “Inner-preneur mindset & skill-sets” before you become an “Entrepreneur” !

Meditation for an IOT Analytics startup – Inner Engineering or Inner-Preneur

So many engineers and Software product / service led entrepreneurs undertake e-learning courses and certifications for building humanised robots & cool apps & develop software.I realised if you want to build for humans then understand the human psyche and energy psychology. #Spiritual Technology is the art of seeding the ‘energy in the mind’ before you set out to design or code anything in the external world. 

“Begin with the end in the mind” – 7 Habits of Highly Effective people

During 4 years of my entrepreneurial journey,I have been able to accomplish at least a dozen energy psychology related and holistic wellness & 21st Century aligned skills certifications than I had ever imagined in my life ! 

The biggest lesson learnt so far is to Get your ‘inner’ emotional issues and mental strength and resilience working as an ally for you , before you get out there and be the change in the world! Time to upgrade your minds software & install new Program codes!

Expressions and reflections from a participant of Virtual Mandala workshop

Mandalas also help in re engineering the mindsets and change the code of your DNA software ! Talk to me today to explore this further!

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