Art of letting go and moving on- Part 2

Why it is hard to let go?

Humans are emotional beings; we make connections with inanimate or animate things. And, so we do with our current environment. Sometimes, we become comfortable in discomfort. It is downright sadistic and you are inflicting pain on yourself. No sane person would want to feel pain all the time. 

You want to leave them behind and have a fresh start with spontaneity and positive feelings. But your mind has become used to of these negative thoughts, how do you overcome that? It will not let go of something it has invested so much energy and time to hold and pile up. It works against you. It would tend to make you weak. But your will alone will help you triumph. 

Make drastic changes, and command your mind to cope with it. Don’t let it fool you with the illusions of finding happiness in the darkness. Darkness makes you lose vision – the vision of life, opportunity, love, kindness, positivity; the list goes on. Nothing takes root in toxic soil. You have to nourish it again and that can happen only in the light. 

Would letting go make you win the war? 

Letting go is the first signal you give to your brain that you want to quit living like a victim. You want to cherish your battle scars and move on to the next level, and keep it up.  

It is just a battle; a long war awaits you. But the first step will always be letting go of the baggage and taking time from that exhausting sulking to evaluate your environment. It includes giving up on your pre-notions, it is about adapting to the changes in your mental and physical environment and doing your best to survive. Above all, never forget to keep moving forward. Remember it is a war, and you don’t run back or standstill in the war you have to keep leading your life forward to win. 

My rendezvous with letting go 

Working for IBM for 15 years and having total work experience of 23 years, I too grew a lot attached to the badge that I was wearing. Being a part of a prestigious organization, people identifying me with the name of the brand, I was scared to take that sharp exit from that lane towards a new beginning – the making of Ranjini Rao, a life coach, and an entrepreneur.

But despite making peace with something that never gave me wholesome satisfaction, I gave up the comfort that emptiness offered me. I decided to take a rocky road, right up to the hilltop. It is never easy; it is never intended to be easy. Afterall battling with self is like fighting someone who knows all your secrets, it knows your strategy, and worse part is your brain has the power of seeding an illusion. See-through does lies and I am sure, even the simplest strategy will work out. Take firm decisions, challenge your mind to accept the ground reality and it will lose. You control your mind, and the rest is history.

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