Art of letting go pain and misery – Part 1

We always talk about the pain people have caused us over the years. Surprisingly, we never talk about our own actions that are holding us back. Every opportunity that life offers us to find love, balance, stability in our personal and professional life, can have a positive or negative result. Meanwhile, we happily accept the positive outcomes and move on, we hold back the negative ones that make us excessively heavy.

It is of utmost importance that we address these negative feelings sooner than later. Letting go of old baggage will free up your body to store positive energy and get a new outlook towards life.

What is letting go and why it is important?

Imagine yourself as a clock, where all three hands have to work right to work properly. These three hands are mind, body, and soul. Holding up on your past, and not giving your life another opportunity, will burden either or all three, and the equilibrium of life is lost. Letting go is losing those feelings and set things right again. It is an exercise to become emotionally lighter. It is about leaving the hurtful feelings behind and moving on. Let go of the pain that has been holding you from reaching your full potential. 

Pain and misery are a part of life, sometimes these negative feelings feast on a person’s childhood to impact most of their adult life. This makes us realize that the practice of letting go is not just something that is for a full-blown adult but also, for the children that are currently seeing a bad childhood or battling trauma and misery.

Like no two people think alike, even letting go of something has no defined process. Every person has their own mechanism to process the pain to the extent that finally, it steams out. Holding back negative feelings is not doing any harm to the people who have caused you pain, rather it is disturbing your own equilibrium.

Above all, we should not forget that we humans can only move forward. That is how life is. Holding up to something and waiting to change something that has already been done is wasting your time and energy on something that will never happen. We have done enough damage by drinking the poison of fear, hatred, regret, and emptiness, let’s not make another by carrying it our entire life.

See it as, trying to jump higher and higher every time to reach a goal. The lighter you are the higher you can jump. You need to unbuckle these feelings behind to take a higher jump each time while aiming for pedestal.

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