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How to heal your inner child?

Regardless of your age, you have experienced several problems and heartaches in the past.  Whether it is bullying, loneliness, insecurity or even lack of attention and affection from your family, all of these affect your current situation. These sufferings and heartaches are not easily healed. Like others, you will carry these feelings even at present days.

To take away bad memories and pains in the past, you need to understand the healing of your inner child.  Through this inner child medication, you can heal your mind and soul. You also have a chance to recover the self-confidence to forgive and forget the pain. As a result, you will live in a better and happy life.

To heal the inner child movement, most experts advise the expressive therapy. This includes the use of play, writing, music and non-judgmental mediums. With this process, you can easily release negative thoughts, sabotaging actions and depleting emotions. You can also express your desires and permit the demonstration of real abundance in your life. In addition, through the use of positive affirmations and mediums of inner child therapy, you can block out and alter the integrated beliefs of your outer parenting.  It is also easy for you to release all outside judgment and formation through the use of inner child therapy.

As time passes by, there are various procedures on how to heal your inner child. Apart from mediums and expressive methods, some experts offer a perfect guide like eBooks and programs. With these guides, they understand everything about inner child.  In addition, asking help from experts is also observed by various people. Whatever types of healing process you desire, it doesn’t matter at all. Just make sure that you follow its steps and your condition becomes even better and effective.   

What is Chakra Meditation?

Your health is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. Because of this, a lot of people are doing everything they can just to get the perfect balance of chemicals in their body in order to obtain perfect health. You also need to consider that a lot of people find it hard to relax and control their emotions. You have to remember that anger can contribute to poor health and this is the emotion that you should minimize bringing at as much as possible.

Chakra tapestry

It is important that you should never be angry if you don’t need to be angry in order to balance your spiritual self to promote good health and good healing.

Today, a lot of people are not participating in different kinds of meditation in order to achieve balance in their #emotions and also in their spirit. You have to consider that meditating can contribute a lot of great benefits for your body.

With meditation, you will be able to relax more and you can effectively control your emotions and never be angry if you don’t need to be angry.

Venue : Aroma Home Wellness Centre, Brookefields Bangalore

By not wasting precious energy on being angry, you can put all these negative energies and turn it into positive energies that can be useful in your everyday life. Always remember that nothing uses up a lot of energy more than anger.

Venue : Aroma Home Wellness Centre, Brookefields , Bangalore

So, if you are having problems controlling your emotions, problems in relaxing, or you simply want to experience oneness with yourself, you have to try chakra meditation.

To sign up for a personalised chakra meditation cum therapy session, DM me today!

3 Top Qualities of the Sunflower

Sunflowers also symbolize worship and faithfulness in various religions because of their resemblance to the sun, which is associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth. The Incas used sunflowers to symbolize the Sun God, and brought them to temples for worship.

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself.

Spiritually Sunflowers represent Light Consciousness .

Consciousness is made up of two elements, awareness of self and things and forces and conscious-power.

Awareness is the first thing necessary, you have to be aware of things in the right consciousness, in the right way, seeing them in their truth; but awareness by itself is not enough.

There must be a Will and a Force that make the consciousness effective.

(Sri Aurobindo)


In a spiritual meaning, these plants are seen as being genuine followers of the sun. This has a connection with Christians following God and other religions following their spiritual guide or divine being.

No matter how small or how little light there is, sunflowers are believed to seek out the light and hold their heads high as if in worship and adoration of the sun.

They are therefore a symbol of true and faithful loyalty to something that is much brighter and bigger than themselves. The spiritual meaning is much more glamorous than the scientific one below.

9 qualities of the Periwinkle flower that inspires

A Symbol of Friendship

Most notably, periwinkle highlights the beauty of companionship. This convivial color believes in the power of a strong bond. Whether you’ve started a new relationship or seek to strengthen an existing one, periwinkle will fortify your connection. According to periwinkle, friendships make the world go around. If you’re interested in expanding your inner circle, allow periwinkle to lead the way.


The trials and tribulations of life have yet to impact periwinkle. This childlike hue doesn’t succumb to daily pressures. As a result, it maintains its innocence. Unlike most, periwinkle isn’t cynical. It always gives life a chance, which is a beautiful sentiment. If you’ve grown skeptical and need a fresh outlook on life, emulate periwinkle’s approach.

Embraces Femininity and brings elegance

Periwinkle is feminine and proud of it. It doesn’t mind masculinity, but it has a tough time relating to inherently masculine things. For instance, sports and cars.

Aggressively Enterprising

Nothing stands in periwinkle’s path. This spirited hue has a dogged disposition. If periwinkle sets a goal, it’ll go to great lengths to achieve it. Periwinkle is so tenacious because it doesn’t see failure as an obstacle. Instead, periwinkle regards stumbling blocks as opportunities to grow and learn.


Carefree, cheerful, and optimistic, periwinkle doesn’t take life too seriously. After all, there’s no sense in sweating the small stuff. When problems arise, periwinkle addresses them with patience and understanding. It’s for this reason why periwinkle is always at peace. For the sake of remaining cool, calm, and collected, periwinkle only focuses on what matters.

Promotes Productivity

Since periwinkle doesn’t let trivial matters stand in its way, it doesn’t waste time worrying. This bodes well for productivity. Periwinkle sees negativity as a senseless and debilitating factor. When we allow fear to win, we lose our confidence. In the hopes of staying on track, periwinkle remains positive in all that it does.

Represents Eternal Love

If you gift someone a periwinkle present, you’re expressing your everlasting affection for this person. No doubt a sweet gesture, there’s something especially endearing about the color periwinkle. What’s more, if you receive periwinkle jewelry or some other gift, know that your loved one is sending a strong message. This hue is timeless, which is why it’s indicative of infinite love. In essence, periwinkle is a wholehearted lover.


Though periwinkle is carefree, it can sometimes be careless. While it’s acceptable to have an easygoing character, it’s ill-advised to throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately, periwinkle can sometimes be reckless. Some people are reluctant to interact with periwinkle for fear that they’ll shirk responsibility. Periwinkle means well, but it can be a bad influence from time to time.


Periwinkle is so strong-willed that it doesn’t let impurities contaminate it. In other words, it preserves its integrity at all costs. Though it can be easy to yield to temptation, periwinkle makes it look easy. Given its resilient and bold nature, periwinkle doesn’t entertain immoral desires. Rather than give in to impulses, periwinkle stays loyal to its beliefs and values.

Just for today – I will earn my living honestly

“Just for today I will earn my living with honesty”

What does this really mean?

My career reinvention success factor keeps revolving around being my most or best authentic self !

By adopting these concepts you will not only add balance but also life giving force energy back to yourself.

Each Reiki principle begins with “Just for today.”

Honesty means different things to different people. Many people feel it is fine to take home a few pens from the office, the company turn over millions in profit each year so they can afford to lose a few items of stationery. 

While another person will judge the same incident as an act of theft and believe that anyone found stealing stationery should be dismissed and charged with theft and even prosecuted. 

Everyone at some point is dishonest. You may not steal from another person or company, but instead steal from yourself. 

For example if you a have a talent to help people and you choose not to then you are stealing from yourself by denying your gift. 

You are also stealing from the people who could benefit from your talents. I wasting my time on meaningless pursuits such as watching television for hours each day and that was stealing from my sacred and special time on Earth.

Try to live your life to the best of your ability as authentically and honestly as you can. Honesty lives inside of you and doesn’t care about being placed where others can view it. 

Finally, in your pursuit of a happier life I urge you to encapsulate the words from Michael Landon (the father in the television series “Little house on the Prairie”) in his last interview before he died prematurely of cancer. He urged us to “Live Every Second”. 

How to open and heal the heart chakra?

Chakra Name: Heart Chakra or Anahata

Focus: Compassion, unconditional love, and empathy

Location: Center of the chest

Colors: Pink

Psychic Focus: Clairsentience and intuition

Stones: Rose quartz, Green Aventurine , Rhodonite

Healing Properties: This rosy stone facilitates heart healing openness to love on all levels and focuses your energy on self-love. It also fosters inner peace, tranquility,and healing.The symbol of love to help amplify the intention of love, peace and harmony.

Gentle and loving, the perfect heart healer and emotional nourisher.

Excellent for de-stressing, soothing and stabilizing. Purifies and supports forgiveness. Teaches you how to love and value yourself.

Message: “I embody the essence of authentic love. By opening your heart chakra to encourage complete self acceptance.”

I help soothe wounds of sadness and distrust with enveloping feelings of unconditional love that allow forgiveness to occur. I remind you that all feel joy and sorrow when they’re in human form, and that emotions are a gift. Operating with me promotes both this regard for yourself and inclusive tolerance.


“Wear me with grace, for I can help attract romantic partners through my soft colors welcoming glow and my calm receptivity, tempered with the strength of feminine power.”

Vibration: High

Holistic Body Healing with Rose Quartz

Qualities: Assimilating, forgiving, releasing, restoring, sedating , for restoring trust, harmony and loving feelings

Organs: Genitals, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs

Glands: Adrenals, thymus

Systems: Circulatory, lymphatic

Chakra: Heart

Dealing with pain

Pain is a signal that something is out of balance in your body. It results from an excess of energy, a blockage or debility, as well as injury or insult to the body. A cool and calming crystal such as Lapis Lazuli or Rose Quartz sedates energy, whereas a stimulating one such as Carnelian or Red Jasper brings about a fast release but can instigate a healing challenge. In a healing challenge, symptoms may be exacerbated before they get better.

Rose quartz other uses:

Rose Quartz draws more love into your life. It gently dissolves old heartbreak, resentment and jealousy and releases them so that joy heals the heart.

Rose Quartz calms the mind and induces clarity.

If you’d like your home to be filled with love and harmony,

Rose Quartz just inside the front door does the trick.

Calming noisy neighbours:

Place Rose Quartz near the wall you share with your noisy

neighbours to radiate peace and calm them down.

Remember to cleanse the crystal regularly.

Enlightenment At Home through Mandalas

Human Design technology through Mandala art designs

I picked this article from Daily OM but I loved it because it gave clarity on how enlightenment can be attained at home. One need not go very far away to seek or understand themselves.And Enlightenment is also meaning spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth can take place anywhere, if you are open and ready to learn and receive. And I unlock the keys to enlightenment and awakening through mandalas.Mandalas have the power and containers of esoteric ancient wisdom .They bear the energetic keys to resonance or vibrational essence of the soul to the source – ie Creator.In short , mandalas or mandala art forms are a way to unlock your creativity, imagination , manifestation capability and tap into the inner wisdom of your soul self.
Its also a way to connect faster to the infinite creator in you!

Many spiritual seekers feel called to far-flung places across the globe in the interest of pursuing the path of their enlightenment. This may indeed be the right course of action for certain people, but it is by no means necessary to attaining an enlightened consciousness. Enlightenment can take root anywhere on earth, as long as the seeker is an open and ready vessel for higher consciousness. All we need is a powerful intention, and a willingness to do the work necessary to moving forward on our path. 

In terms of spiritual practice, at this moment, there are more tools available to more people than at any other time in history. We have access to so much wisdom through the vehicles of books, magazines, the Internet, television, and film. In addition, the time-honored practice of meditation is free, and sitting quietly everyday, listening to the universe, is a great way to start the journey within. There is further inspiration in the fact that the greatest teachers we have are our own life experiences, and they come to us every day with new lessons and new opportunities to learn. If we look at the people around us, we may realize that we have a spiritual community already intact, and if we don’t, we can find one, if not in our own neighbourhood, then on-line.

Meanwhile, if we feel called to travel in search of teachers and experiences, then by all means, we should. But if we can’t go to India, or Burma, or Indonesia, or if we don’t have the desire, this is not an obstacle in terms of our spiritual development. In fact, we may simply be aware that our time and energy is best spent in our own homes, with our meditation practice and all the complications and joys of our own lives.
We can confidently stay in one place, knowing that everything that we need to attain enlightenment is always available right where we are. 

I work with mandala art therapy and channeling to enable and facilitate growth for individuals and help transform them through the energetic vibrations and frequencies that mandalas offer.

Let me know if you would like to explore mandala art for unlocking yourself and getting started on your spiritual journey with me!

Introducing a 5 days Crystal Abundance eCourse!

Image source : Shutterstock

Abundance through Crystal Human Design !

When Jennifer Lawrence moved into her new home there were crystals embedded in the walls. “The house was crystalled out,” she told Vogue, but she didn’t want visitors to think she was a “crystal person”.

The appeal of crystals is two-tiered.

Their infinite sparkliness has an obvious draw, but their value relies on a belief in their healing powers.

Emma Lucy Knowles, author of The Power of Crystal Healing (her celebrity clients include Victoria Beckham) explains it to like this: “We work with crystals to draw out the ‘negative’ and ‘heighten’ the positive, such as love, protection, abundance or seeking to detoxify from fear, guilt, worry. They can be used to filter that property into the energy centres, the chakras.” She recommends placing quartz by photos of people you love, “to promote that vibration in their direction”. “Crystals are formed under pressure, much like ourselves. The power of life force – what’s not to love about that?”

Launching a Crystals Abundance eCourse starting from 14th January 2021 via Whats app.

Kindly DM me for more details!

If you wanted to know or learn more about how to incorporate and work with the power or energy that crystals bring into your life and home or business , then you must certainly consider this !!

Chakra Balancing and healing through Reiki , crystals with color and scented candles

Firstly- Have you known or heard about Human Energy Chakra systems?

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

Chakra tapestry

In assorted traditions chakras are affiliated with multiple physiological functions, and facet of consciousness, a classical element, and other distinguishing features. They’re visualized as lotuses/flowers with a assorted number of petals in every chakra.

The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be affiliated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. The purpose of the chakras is to spin and attract in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness of the body in balance.

They’re stated by some to reflect how the unified consciousness of humanity is divided to manage assorted facets of earthly life. It is as well associated to spiritual healing.

They carry the positive and negative energy circuits from the energy vortexes around us commonly known as the Bio Energy field or Human Energy field *HEF

The chakra energy system balances a person’s level and intensity of energy , magnetism and ability to manifest and function on the earth’s plane or earths platonic grid. As earth has her own magnetism and energy field measured commonly known as “the Schumann resonances (SR) ” they are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency resonance .

Chakra mandala designs of Ranjinii Rao @2020 Copyrights

The earths vibrational frequency is 7.83 hz and that is how we can connect to earth ‘s energy or frequency at the same time our frequency can reach higher planes with the help of chakra vortices. This video demo is a basic way of connecting to the chakras through distant or self healing method by using chakra tapestry symbolising the colors and images, with Reiki infused chakra crystal and candle essences to balance,energize and activate our chakras.

How to do a chakra energy self healing or distance healing session ?

There are 7 major chakras, or energy centers, along the spine–from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each chakra has a assorted purpose, but they all work together to bring the body into balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Meditating or attunement by a Reiki or Spiritually Evolved Energy Master on the chakras may enhance this balance and, in turn, your life.

Below video demonstrates a holistic way of how to send energy to your own chakras or distance healing .

If you are located anywhere outside Bangalore (India) and are looking for a chakra balancing cum Reiki energy healing session through distance or face to face connect with us on or!