Why should you take our Reiki101 Basics workshop?

Reiki was looked as a strange practice from the days it was originated in Japan in the year 1922. It was started by Buddhists in Japan with intentions to heal using the palm of the individual in order to release positive energy to the patient.

At times Reiki is considered as oriental method of treatment by specialized medical bodies.

Reiki 101 Basics

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The Fundamentals

In general it is divided into 3 major stages of proficiency, which are first, second and third degree, those who practice Reiki will be able to prevent illnesses and heal themselves and others as well.

The second stage of practitioners has the capability to cure and heal anyone from a distance, which is referred as distance healing. The final degree (highest) is the vital level in which the practitioner is meticulously knowledge with the essential acquaintance and proficiency to edify and attune others to reiki practice.

In simple words, it is a simple method of healing concept with holistic methods and without using any medications at all. The method is done by the practitioner by placing his or her hands on the person who needs the healing.

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