Reiki Therapy

Rei - Universal Life; Ki - Energy

Our modern-day science addresses the imbalances in your body and mind separately. Ideally, holistic therapy practices help you receive a wholesome balance and alignment at each level of your being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How? Psychologists state that your thoughts govern your actions and your actions govern your destiny. In holistic therapy, we believe that your intent governs your thoughts, actions and destiny. Reiki is a holistic therapy practice that channels ‘Universal Life Energy’ through hands-on therapy and distance therapy methods.
Hands-on therapy in Reiki emphasizes the sense of touch to experience therapy. The healer lays hands on the healee to channel ‘Reiki’ or the ‘Universal Life Energy’. On the other hand, Distance therapy in Reiki involves channeling ‘Reiki’ over a distance from anywhere to anywhere.
Would like to explore more? Well, you have the choice to receive Reiki therapy and/or learn Reiki to become a Reiki healer.
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  • Empowerment through Reiki level 1 workshop

      Day 1
      1- Introduction To Reiki
      2 - Reiki Attunement And 21 Day Cleaning Process
      3 - Introduction To The Seven Major Chakras Energy Centers
      4 - History Of Reiki

      Day 2
      Reiki Attainment Process And Ceremony
      5 - Understanding How Emotions Are Connected To Parts Of The Body And How To Eliminate These Blocks
      6 - Pranic Energy Exercises
      7 - Chakra Balancing Techniques
      8 - Reiki Hand Positions
      9 - Other Applications Of Reiki
      10 - Cleansing Meditations
      11 - FAQs

  • Empowerment through Reiki level 2 workshop

      Day 1
      Refresher -Reiki Level 1
      Introduction to Level 2
      Understanding the Symbols
      Aura cleansing and protection
      Reiki 2 Attunement process

      Day 2
      Chakra meditation
      Following your Intuition
      Chakra Balancing methods (2 methods)
      Distant therapy -(Independent or Distant )
      therapy childhood traumas , past life,etc.
      Introduction on working with Crystals
      Programming with Reiki - Empowering your goals

  • How ‘Reiki’ benefits you?
    • Guides you to lifestyle changes that enhances therapy and recovery from illnesses/injuries.
    • Supports self-love, self-care and self-empowerment to succeed in life.
    • Balances and aligns you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your highest good.
    • Improves your productivity at work and overall quality of life.
    • Builds wholesome well-being for yourself.
  • What’s unique about Reiki with Ranjini Rao?
    • A guided learning path that helps you unravel your inner Self in alignment with the external roles and responsibilities in your life.
    • Explore your strengths and shortcomings while discovering your true life purpose and life path.
    • A hands-on approach to applying holistic tools and techniques like meditation and therapy crystals for your personal and professional growth.
    • Empower your mind, body, and soul to resolve your conflicts and realize your aspirations.