Stress Management Program

Understanding different aspects and factors that causes stress. Connect Now!

An employee's well-being is the seed of growth for an organization. How well you nurture and nourish the seed determines the quality of its growth in the future. Likewise, organizations need to offer opportunities for employees to learn and upskill themselves both in career and personal development. It provides a number of long-term benefits to the organization as well as the employees.
  • Silva meditation

    As a Silva meditation practitioner, I offer tools, skills and practices that helps manage stress both physically and psychologically. The attendees will benefit from developing higher emotional intelligence.

    • Reduce stress with clinically-proven relaxation techniques
    • Enjoy relief from chronic pain that resulted from stress-related health issues
    • Build resilience and coping skills for better emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness with Art

    I conduct Mandala art workshop with the focus on practising ‘Mindfulness’. The attendees will explore their creativity to express themselves better and learn to practice mindfulness through art.

    • Increase level of concentration against hyperconnectivity and distractions in everyday life
    • Improve resilience to meet challenges and to recover successfully from adversity
    • Increase efficiency to work under pressure with calmness and clarity of mind
  • Counselling on Stress Management

    • Become more empathetic and expressive without compromising your authentic self
    • Communicate effectively with others, especially for career development
    • Clarify with the expert Counsellor about the different aspects of Stress Management