About Ranjini Rao

About Ranjini Rao

a former IBM digital consultant with overall 16 years of experience in diverse roles and responsibilities as a digital marketer and design thinking consultant. She has a total experience of 20+ years in the Industry.

A trainer

and facilitator in Design Thinking for Business Innovation applying the Stanford Design School methodology in collaboration with 'The Painted Sky' & as a facilitator with ‘FocusU’ , a training company who makes learning experiential.


Srishti Vataa healing and arts centre to serve the people through expressive art and holistic healing practices.

Taj InnerCircle

Worklife champion She’s a recipient of the Taj InnerCircle#WorkLifeChampion award commemorating her passion as a digital marketer, design thinking facilitator, spiritual healer and mentor.

As a Holistic Career Coach, she has developed and taught a number of courses on stress management as a Silva meditation practitioner who applies the principles of the Chakra Therapy and Reiki as well. The Silva meditation advocates managing stress both, physically and psychologically building resilience and coping skills. It involves developing higher brain functions that supports improved emotional intelligence. The long-term benefits of the Silva meditation is effected through practicing the meditation continuously and consistently.

She is also certified NLP & Self-Hypnosis Practitioner through Neoway Academy by Ashlesh Rao and ‘Magic of Change’-Beyond NLP by Mohd Rafi .She is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Counselling psychology from Banjara academy,Bangalore

She has undertaken TA101 Certification from ITAA in 2017

In the near future, She is looking forward to develop Srishti Vataa Healing arts to help people in their personal well-being through 'Creativity','Emotional Intelligence' and 'Innovation'.

Here are a few workshops that she has developed related to stress management and career development.


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