Mindful Through Mandala Art

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Our Mandala Art workshop empowers you to welcome every aspect of life with a cheerful heart. Whether you’re anxious 24 x 7 or quite exhausted being anxious, Mandala art workshops are for you. Our fun, spiritual and result-oriented workshops is where you get to experience yourself.
Break-free from stress and other roadblocks to your success!
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  • What is Mandala?

    Mandala in Sanskirit refers to a ‘cirlce’ in a spiritual context. Circle is the symbol of wholeness, unity and eternity. There are infinite patterns and purposes for Mandalas. In Hinduism and Bhuddhism, a Mandala is an art that aligns both mind and soul towards a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Visually, it’s a geometric scheme of the cosmic energy in the universe. Spiritually, its a guide for unlocking your psyche through meditation and art. Yes, Mandala art isn’t possible without meditation for a minimum of 3 days.

  • How to start with creating Mandala art?

    You start with meditation and connecting to your inner self at a deeper level. Your journey both mentally and spiritually in creating a Mandala is equally important as the final outcome. It’s a life-changing experience! Its an artistic endeavor as well as an act of worship.

    Ideally, it takes several years of preparation and practice to become a skillful Mandala artist. Take your first step towards unlocking your potential and purpose in life. Self-discovery isn’t a destination but a journey.

  • What are the benefits of practicing Mandala art?

    Carl Jung remarks that Mandalas are ‘vessels’ that projects our own psyche. They helps us to restore our true power which we often refer to as potential. Your innate skills and abilities aren’t a coincidence but a gift of the universe. Unless you unlock your potential, you cannot understand your true power.

    • Relieves and relaxes your mind and body from stress
    • Helps release unexpressed emotions and makes you feel lighter.
    • Helps you express yourselves better in a friendly, loving manner.
    • Improves concentration resulting in better focus at work and in social life.
    • Stimulates your creativity & problem-solving ability
    • Enhances and develops your intuition
    • Improves clarity and emotional well-being
  • How can we help you?

    We guide you to practice Mindfulness through Manadala art workshops. Our focus is to help you build mental and emotional resilience. Life has both opportunities and challenges. Will you choose to equip yourself with the right tools to succeed in your life? You can manage stress better, even effortlessly by practising powerful Mindfulness techniques such as creating Mandala art.

  • What’s unique about our workshops?
    • Know your own thought process and learn to progress towards your true potential.
    • Express your psyche through Mandala Art
    • Reflect on your own self through powerful Meditative Techniques
    • Connect deeper within yourself through your body movements skillfully aligned to sync with your Mindfulness with Mandala art practice.
    • Align your mind, body and soul through ancient Mandala art, transformative Meditative Techniques and well-aligned flow of Body Movements.
  • How long?
    • 3- 4 Hrs per session