Five Elements of Design for your Life’s blueprint

Just like there are elements of Design while designing marketing campaign , Mobile / Websites , Spaces or Homes – Can we have a different perspective or wear a designers mindset to design our life/ Career/ Business success roadmap?

So , Why #Designthinking is a novel approach to problem solving?

Also , I am sharing my videos and interviews around “How I designed & Reinvented my career roadmap” using Design thinking principles and frameworks and gained success – Balanced Career & Mindset , Balanced Lifestyle ( working for 16 -20 hours a week as against 40 hours a week , and living a life of meaning , purpose and contributing towards self and others.

I know most of you would be looking for clarity on how to get started ,so a few years ago, I had delivered a very powerful Design Thinking talk about how I applied this powerful framework to redesign my entire life. You can Check out more talks like this by joining the Design Thinking Community via

So I Trust and Hope this gives you inspiration to redesign your own life and career to achieve a balanced lifestyle and meaningful and purposeful career or business model !

If you have any queries or questions on how I do provide coaching & mentoring services on Lifestyle Design for Career / Life / Business .

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