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What is NLP?

NLP -Neuro linguistic programming Is about changing the way you think about thinking.Thought experiments . Technology that reveals thoughts feelings and actions to be habitual programs open to manipulation .

NLP : The new technology of achievement best introductions to the discipline.

Benefits of NLP are :

Getting motivated

Discovering your mission

Achieving your goals 

Creating rapport and strong relationships 

Persuasion techniques and strategies

Eliminating fears and phobias 

Building self confidence 

Creating self appreciation and self esteem 

Securing a positive and mental attitude 

Achieving peak performance 

The 10 Principles of NLP are  :

1-Map is not the territory 

2-Experience has a structure 

3-If one person can do something anyone can learn to do it 

4-The mind and body are parts of the same system 

5-People already have all the resources they need 

6- You cannot not communicate

7- The meaning of your communication is the response you get 

8- Underlying every behavior is a positive intention 

9-People are always making the best choices available to them 

10- If what you are doing isn’t working , do something else . 

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8 ways to Instill empathy in leaders !

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings and emotions. It is essential to building good relationships, both at work and in your personal life. People who don’t exhibit empathy are viewed as cold and self-absorbed, and they often lead isolated lives. Sociopaths are famously lacking in empathy. Conversely, someone who is empathetic is perceived as warm and caring.

The research shows that empathy is partly innate and partly learned. Everyone can improve, however. Here are eight ways to strengthen your own empathy:

  1. Challenge yourself. Undertake challenging experiences which push you outside your comfort zone. Learn a new skill, for example, such as a musical instrument, hobby, or foreign language. Develop a new professional competency. Doing things like this will humble you, and humility is a key enabler of empathy.
  2. Get out of your usual environment. Travel, especially to new places and cultures. It gives you a better appreciation for others.
  3. Get feedback. Ask for feedback about your relationship skills (e.g., listening) from family, friends, and colleagues—and then check in with them periodically to see how you’re doing.
  4. Explore the heart not just the head. Read literature that explores personal relationships and emotions. This has been shown to improve the empathy of young doctors.
  5. Walk in others’ shoes. Talk to others about what it is like to walk in their shoes—about their issues and concerns and how they perceived experiences you both shared.
  6. Examine your biases. We all have hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) biases that interfere with our ability to listen and empathize. These are often centered around visible factors such as age, race, and gender. Don’t think you have any biases? Think again—we all do.
  7. Cultivate your sense of curiosity. What can you learn from a very young colleague who is “inexperienced?” What can you learn from a client you view as “narrow”? Curious people ask lots of questions (point 8), leading them to develop a stronger understanding of the people around them.
  8. Ask better questions
    Bring three or four thoughtful, even provocative questions to every conversation you have with clients or colleagues.

Bringing a Balance between happiness and reaching upto your Rainbow and big goals!

Dreams do come true !

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Your happiness hinges on maintaining a delicate balance between

1- Doing the Tasks and routine work : These could be your daily tasks and routine work like going to work , cooking,cleaning up the kitchen,doing your yard , school work , profession and shopping etc. This comes under the daily habits and doing part in life
2- Having the things you enjoy in your life : These could be physical , intellectual , virtues as assets you enjoy in your life like car, home,stereo system,stationery,piano,casio, pair of designer watches,designer shoes.Intangible assets like feeling fearless, peace of mind , happiness,joy , enjoying a calm mind and relaxed body.
3- Being content and enjoying your experiences from all that you do and have : Being means having a sense of wellbeing in your aura.Your aura is pleasant and you are comfortable in your own skin.You often sense you are in absolute harmony with the Universe and you enjoy solitude and quietness.You also enjoy an element of playfulness and curiosity to keep your inner child’s spirit kindled & ignited.You experience Serendipity,and feel you are in the right place , in the right time.

When these aspects of your life are in tune with each other then your life feels right !

How Do you feel about your life right now?

How do you achieve balance between personal development , money , Heath & Fitness, career and spirituality ?

Do you feel exhausted or overwhelmed with your life situation ?

If you are resonating with this, then I exactly know what’s going on ! I was like this !

Everything magically fitted into place when I asked for help from the universe on my goals !

Now I look back I could achieve almost everything I had aimed for !

Miracles do happen when all the life forces come together as one !

Coach with us ! Leave us your comment and thank you for being here !

Reinvent yourself – through design thinking (Podcast)

Can you really design your own life in much the same way the architect designs a house and the writer designs a book?

David Bohl at shares his perspective that he doesn’t know if we can design every aspect of our lives because we have certain fixed and certain variable aspects.

For example, we cannot change our upbringing: the parents, siblings, education, childhood experiences, and all that went on before you came to this awareness of your ability to design your life. All that happened in the past has shaped who you are today, so you will need to start designing your life from this point forward.

The great news is that you do not have to leave your present organisation – as I share with a real example – but can reinvent your current situation to give you more of what you want for yourself from your work AND your life!!

As an ex-IBMer, and now a leadership coach, facilitator, and expert in DESIGN THINKING explains what design thinking is, and most importantly how you can use it to RE-INVENT yourself and your career.

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Five Elements of Design for your Life’s blueprint

Just like there are elements of Design while designing marketing campaign , Mobile / Websites , Spaces or Homes – Can we have a different perspective or wear a designers mindset to design our life/ Career/ Business success roadmap?

So , Why #Designthinking is a novel approach to problem solving?

Also , I am sharing my videos and interviews around “How I designed & Reinvented my career roadmap” using Design thinking principles and frameworks and gained success – Balanced Career & Mindset , Balanced Lifestyle ( working for 16 -20 hours a week as against 40 hours a week , and living a life of meaning , purpose and contributing towards self and others.

I know most of you would be looking for clarity on how to get started ,so a few years ago, I had delivered a very powerful Design Thinking talk about how I applied this powerful framework to redesign my entire life. You can Check out more talks like this by joining the Design Thinking Community via

So I Trust and Hope this gives you inspiration to redesign your own life and career to achieve a balanced lifestyle and meaningful and purposeful career or business model !

If you have any queries or questions on how I do provide coaching & mentoring services on Lifestyle Design for Career / Life / Business .

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