Crystal aids to heal all aspects of mind, body and soul. It brings balance and renovates your energy. It absorbs negative energy and revives positive energy. In this way it brings balance creating an energetic harmony. Malachite is a green colored healing crystal of expression, equilibrium, abundance, and intention. It aids in mood swings by neutralizing bad energy of your life and protecting your spirit from outside toxic energy.

Who should be considering wearing this?

Malachite is considered as the “stone of transformation”. Malachite is useful for those who can’t accept the change & fearful in taking risks and for people who don’t want to take responsibilities. Those who are still following outworn patterns and unwanted ties and don’t want to come out of them. It is also helpful for introverted people.

Why should you consider this?

Malachite is an exceptionally powerful metaphysical stone, and it brings positive transformation to the wearer. It protects you from negative energies and cleanses the environment from pollutants. It brings prosperity, wealth and good luck. It also guides you spiritually. Malachite encourages risk-taking capacities and helps to come out from unwanted alliances.  It relieves mental turmoil and helps to come out of old traumas & dyslexia. 

How to wear it?

Malachite can be worn as a pendant or a ring. If you want to wear it as a ring, it should be worn in the middle finger of your left hand & if you want to wear it as a pendant, it should be worn in the long chain.

Chakra Enhancer: Malachite activates the Anahata or heart chakra and Throat Chakra.

Heart Chakra symbolizes with unconditional love, transformation and acceptance. It resolves energy blockages and brings equilibrium to the heart chakra and aids us to recognize ourselves.

Throat chakra is considered as a communication centre.  It improves communication skills and gives clarity of thoughts.  It increases consciousness and brings emotional balance.

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

What is Mandala Art?

Mandala is an ancient coloring art. Mandalas are mostly used into religious rituals by Buddhists & Hindus. These holy circles help monks to meditate, spiritual enlightenment & awakening. Christians & Native Americans also used this art in their healing circle practices which is done to restore mind, body & soul. 

What is Mandalas?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means circle or completion. It is a big circle that comprises different types of geometric shapes and symbols in it. These shapes are filled with vibrant colors. Apart from lines & shapes, there are some common symbols like Sun, Lotus, Eight spokes wheel, Bell & Triangles are used in Buddist Mandala to represent universe, spiritual enlightenment, eight paths of Buddhism, wisdom, energy & creativity. 

A dot is the center of every Mandala. A dot has no dimension hence it represents a free mind, mind without any prejudice that is ready to meditate & devoted to the divine. The center dot is surrounded by different geometric shapes and lines that depict life cycles. Outer big circle is considered as a universe and geometric shapes inside the circle depict different aspects of the universe.

There are 2 types of Mandalas: 1. Temporary Sand Mandalas are religious & destroyed after completion, representing that nothing is eternal in this world, everything is impermanence. 2. Painting Mandalas are used for teaching & healing or meditation purposes.

How significant Mandalas in today’s context?

Mandalas play a very significant role in today’s stressful lifestyle. It becomes an imperative tool in yoga nowadays. It implies the old principles of creating a holy space which is free from outer world’s influences for some time. In this way it rejuvenates the energy, increasing the concentration & inner silence. When someone creates Mandalas & observes all minor finishing work of it, it brings focus in mind and body, that’s how Mandala facilitates in meditation. It’s a guided cosmic practice by which misery is transformed into happiness.

How does it work?

In meditation, Mandalas are tools for healing. Some clinical research shows that it works as an immunity booster & increases the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that slows down the aging process of cells, helps in better sleep & calm the anxiety. In this way, Mandala meditation lessens pain and stress, controls blood pressure and gets rid of depression. 

Mandalas are simple art therapy that doesn’t need expertise but gives a lot of benefits. It’s a beautiful combination of meditation & art therapy that can be done anywhere anytime. It reposes & calms down the eager mind. It also evolves creativity of ones.

It is useful for people of all age groups & gives soothing and nurturing experience. Mandalas with simple coloring are useful for children. Children normally can’t express their feelings; Mandalas makes them more communicative and helps them in dealing with emotions. It boosts immunity thus helps in early recovery in those who have weak resistance power. Some child psychologists are using Mandalas therapy for cancer suffering children. Mandalas art is used as therapy in workshops conducted for adult cancer survivors also. Corporate houses use it for stress management of their employees. Give them a deep sense of inner peace & focused mind. This therapy offers better sleep & good spiritual experience in elderly people who are suffering from insomnia due to their age or any other reason.

Are you willing to accept your shadow self ?

Shadow therapy or work is an illusionary web that the mind spins psychologically to create a veil of darkness .. We all have the veils of darkness ,don’t we?

Ever wondered why the moon is associated to shadow self and the Sun to light?
(metaphorically, it symbolises the mother / psyche / subconscious mind) and Sun symbolises the father / will power / conscious mind.

Ever remember our parents telling us -“You are stupid”. “You are like that only.” “You will never change your habits”. Where did this come from? Probably from their parents? and whom did they pass it on to – us!

The moon draws energy from Sun and that’s where she gets her power from.

Similarly the darkness in our minds could be drawing power from our environment and soul conditioning / patterning, and the negative suggestions / statements and imprints that form the basis of the shadow self building up.

At times,it could manifest from self limiting beliefs or thought patterns …emotions such as fear, anger, uncertainty or being in the unknown zone or untrodden path.

The layering of the veil constantly influencing our minds , is that keeps us thinking we can never change ! We tell our selves that and we imbibe it in our belief systems and we become that ..

The works of Maa Kali (Goddess of Transformation) she symbolises change and when she enters your life – she awakens that truth or true nature within you, somewhere nudges you to connect to your true self / Authentic self ie divinity and power, confidence and drives transformation.

She prompts you to look at the shadows and accept and embrace the whole self ( Mandala )and see that truest potential – you are that ‘illumined self’ and darkness is a veil that keeps you in the comfort zone.

Too much introspection or inaction leads to depression in the mind, fear , illusion etc. That’s why I ask my clients- How do you know you are depressed ?
It is dangerous to assume that psychiatric treatment is the answer to depression.

Do you recollect those darkest moments or shadow side of you? What did you do differently?