Crystal aids to heal all aspects of mind, body and soul. It brings balance and renovates your energy. It absorbs negative energy and revives positive energy. In this way it brings balance creating an energetic harmony. Malachite is a green colored healing crystal of expression, equilibrium, abundance, and intention. It aids in mood swings by neutralizing bad energy of your life and protecting your spirit from outside toxic energy.

Who should be considering wearing this?

Malachite is considered as the “stone of transformation”. Malachite is useful for those who can’t accept the change & fearful in taking risks and for people who don’t want to take responsibilities. Those who are still following outworn patterns and unwanted ties and don’t want to come out of them. It is also helpful for introverted people.

Why should you consider this?

Malachite is an exceptionally powerful metaphysical stone, and it brings positive transformation to the wearer. It protects you from negative energies and cleanses the environment from pollutants. It brings prosperity, wealth and good luck. It also guides you spiritually. Malachite encourages risk-taking capacities and helps to come out from unwanted alliances.  It relieves mental turmoil and helps to come out of old traumas & dyslexia. 

How to wear it?

Malachite can be worn as a pendant or a ring. If you want to wear it as a ring, it should be worn in the middle finger of your left hand & if you want to wear it as a pendant, it should be worn in the long chain.

Chakra Enhancer: Malachite activates the Anahata or heart chakra and Throat Chakra.

Heart Chakra symbolizes with unconditional love, transformation and acceptance. It resolves energy blockages and brings equilibrium to the heart chakra and aids us to recognize ourselves.

Throat chakra is considered as a communication centre.  It improves communication skills and gives clarity of thoughts.  It increases consciousness and brings emotional balance.

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

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