Just for today I will not anger

Today I want to talk about why Anger management forms one of the key principles in Reiki .

Anger is an emotion. (Energy in Motion)

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When we get angry we lose control of that emotion.
In order to live by the above principle we must understand what triggers our anger and how we can choose to remove this destructive emotion from our being.
In every confrontation that leads to anger the person or thing pushing your anger trigger has complete power and control over you.

Anger and frustration would result in energy depletion around t he solar plexus and Urinogenital areas or may manifest as energy congest ion around the Solar plexu s and heart areas .

In the first case , it manifests itself as stomach indigestion or loose bowel movement. In the long run, it may manifest itself as ulcers or as gall bladder problem.

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In the second case, it may manifest itself as heart enlargement or ot her heart problems . It seems that a certain type of negative emotion may manifest as a certain type of disease in one patient but may manifest as another type of disease in another patient.

There is an exchange of energy between people.If you are both happy & find the meeting was enjoyable then the energy exchange is neutral. However, if you lose control of your emotions and become angry, the other person steals your energy.

Likewise, if someone gets angry at you then you are stealing their energy.
With this, you can counter endless situations or people that in the past have triggered your anger and caused you to react in an unhealthy manner.

Next time someone honks their car horn at you or criticises you for no apparent reason smile and say to yourself “I am not going to let you steal my energy.”

How to release and surrender your anger and anxiety?

There are many ways to release and surrender your emotions .You can contact me for an Angel therapy reading or Chakra therapy .I also conduct workshops and aura + crystal grid channeling to help release your anger and restore your chakras to balance.Even Meditation can help you calm your anger or emotions.

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