A glimpse of a Mandala Art Therapy session for IIT BHU Students

What is a Mandala ?
Mandala is a sanskrit word for sacred circle. “Mand’ means mark off and ‘La’ means circle or sacred centre.
Essentially mandala means marking a sacred energy circle in the centre .

An hour in the life of IITBHU Students wth Mandala Art therapy

This is what could be possible when students in technology come together for an art expression and understand themselves through this sacred art form.

Students from various departments on a Saturday evening explored themselves through mandala art therapy.For many of them it was a new skill and new way of learning and self introspection.Contrary to the self awareness tools available today, mandala in my experience is the easiest and quickest way to explore and understand your patterns and thoughts.

Whether we wear the Hindu or Buddhist lens of looking at Mandalas – they are the mean to self realisation and portal for enlightenment with the divinity within.

The use of Mandalas or circles is not only limited to Hindu or Buddhism but also come from ancient spiritual methods of the Egyptian Ra symbolism or Christian traditions. If you have noticed churches have forms of mandala or circular paintings and expressions on magnificent stained rose glass windows or chambers- they are none other than mandalas as spiritual or religious teaching devices. Carl Jung a renowned swiss psychologist used mandalas as a tool for self introspection and psychological wholeness.

There are several ways to work with mandalas – right from plain coloring to transformative healing to gaining insights about the self .

In this session ,we explored a simplified way to create mandala patterns – free flow and grid templates and facilitation was around how to interpret the mandalas emerging out of the unconscious mind.

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Watch the quick glimpse of Mandala art session here >>

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