What is Jikiden Reiki?

There are different kinds of Reiki techniques.Did you know that ?

There are five of them to be exact, and they are:  

–  Jikiden Reiki (Eastern Method) 

–  Usui Reiki (Western Method) 

–  Karuna Reiki

 –  Lighterian Reiki 

–  Sekhem or Seichem Reiki

Although Jikiden and Western Reiki both share the same roots, which is Mikao Urui’s original Reiki, they do have quite a lot of differences. Western Reiki inte- grated other ideas and practices from other spiritual practices and religions, and also left out some traditional elements.

On the other hand, Jikiden Reiki remains pretty much traditional, just like how Usui practiced it. It is only natural that when Reiki spread to other countries and cultures, that it got some of the traditions and practices of the places it went through.

It is also quite possible that if the original, traditional form of Reiki is strictly enforced and adhered to, that it would not be as popular as it is today, and there would only be a handful of legit Reiki practitioners in the world today. Jikiden and Usui Reiki could be described as spiritual healing methods, but the truth is that they actually physical treatments. To perform any kind of Reiki, the practitioner needs to “radiate energy and light” from all parts of his/her body, espe- cially in the hands, which guides and transfers the energy to the patient.

All of this is done without actual physical contact. When a trained Reiki practitioner properly transfers “radiated” energy, the physical symptoms of certain minor health conditions, like a toothache, will only take a couple of minutes to subside and become more bearable. Reiki treatment can also help reduce the discomfort brought about by cuts, bruises, headaches, backaches, and recovering from surgical wounds. Speaking of surgery, Reiki can also help speed up the recovery time of surgery. 

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The objective of transferring energy from the practitioner to the client is the help alleviate, minimize, or completely remove any physical pain or discomfort, and then work on healing the affected area. Aside from physical pain, Reiki can also help with any emotional or psychological pain the patient might be experiencing.

Speeds up the healing process of injuries and wounds from surgery :

•Does not require you to switch religions 


•Helps deal with bad habits and mental issues, like self-judgment, self-pity, addictions, etc. 

•Assists in alleviating causes of addiction, and also helps patients cope with withdrawal symptoms 

•It is effective in alleviating physical weakness, and it can even help treat trauma

Source : “From the Book of Akashic Records Reiki Energy healing your sacred wounds”

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