Mandala Art: An alternative for Addiction treatment -Part 1

Addiction of drugs or alcohol is not only a crisis globally found but is less talked about too. But not many people are able to resist the urge of consuming addictive stuff after they have been discharged from the facilities. Reason, they are not accepted easily back in their old lives and they are beings that have already lost hope and positivity from their life. Thus, it becomes necessary that we establish a new way to not only help individuals fighting their way back to a normal life, but also inspire them for positive thinking and betterment in life. 

A couple of new treatments have emerged, today the addiction rehab centres have individual & group therapy sessions and a wide range of other therapeutic methods to treat it as well. These other therapeutic methods include, Mandala Art which is found to be very helpful and has proven effective in helping people in recovery process from addiction and substance abuse. Let’s see how it works in the different phases of treatment. 

Mandala Sessions in Rehab Centres 

Image Credits : Captured at an Event with Partner Lahe Lahe and OncoHappy together with Healing Arts Artist at a Cancer Hospital centre

Mandala art is now becoming popular in many rehab facilities. Mandala is a non-addictive self-soothing technique that can work wonders in inculcating positive self-image and build confidence in person fighting addiction. It helps in augmenting self-image which is necessary for someone who has lost their own-self overtime due to addiction. It is a way to find yourself back and mending the severed strings with yourself over time. 

A mental collapse in adulthood leaves more deeper scares than we can think off. A person is caged in depression and not to forget the withdrawal symptoms that do not leave the person alone for a very long time. The calmness that comes from mandala art can help a person that away those negative thoughts about themselves and pick up their life with new energy and positivity, Mandala art in short delivers a person a will to continue on the path of getting riddance from addiction. 

It is necessary to understand that a person is not only fighting a battle of strong urge that has been gripping them for years, but also a mental battle to gather the strength to fight the distress that comes along. “Will the world take me back?”, a person continues to ask itself that echoes the answer, “Why to change, if nothing is going to fall into place”. We can change that answer into positive one by seeding hope and courage through mandala art form. It is a self-healing procedure which works magic, in finding the answers yourself. It works as meditation, an important medicine to mend yourself on inside. 

So if you are dealing with addictions for which you do not know the cause , you can reach out to [email protected] and we can help you!

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