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Back Strengthening with Yoga – Part 1

Folks Firstly a very Happy new year 2022 !

From the last 2 weeks in 2021 and first week of Jan 2022, I was sort of experiencing back pain and muscle spasms .

As it the number of cases are peaking I was looking for solutions from an alternative therapy side . I found some useful physiotherapy / yoga exercises that I started practising and thought It would be useful for you folks too!

Remember to consult your doctor / physician before trying out these exercises if there is severe pain or discomfort. Yoga/Physiotherapy is not a cure but a preventive cure to back pain or escalating the muscle from going soar.

Here are some from my archives : All these exercises need to be done on a flat surface with a comfortable yoga mat spread on the floor or ensure the surface is flat on the bed and you are lying on your back . All exercises can be done thrice ( 3 times )

Tail Bone Lifting

Both legs to chest , Alternate leg to chest lift

Both knees spinal twist ( right and left )

Lying on the Stomach exercises:

Right knee to the side for 5 mins

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do In Bed Before You Sleep - DoYou
Source : Internet

Cat and Camel Stretch

Exercises for low back pain: Detailed, easy to follow illustrations.

Push ups

Video: Modified pushup - Mayo Clinic

2 pillows under the hips and bend the knee and lift hip

No More Knee Pain! - Dance Spirit

Lie on the stomach and hands behind & lift chest up

Exercise for Iliocostalis Muscle Pain Syndrome | Osteopath in Hatfield

Life Wellness Hacks for Entrepreneurs : Time to unlock yourself of fears!

In the wake of bouncing back or getting back to the workplace ,during the unlock phase of COVID-19 , it’s a new norm but business as usual. It’s Important to bear in mind a few things:

1- continue to wear the mask , keep the sanitiser handy and avoid crowds or touching any surfaces that used by many people.

2- continue to eat healthy food or home cooked food for some more time . Workout regularly and avoid junk food ! Build your immunity by thinking positive and be strong !!

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Kubler Ross Model and Corona Connections

People feared when country’s corona count was 100.

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*Kubler Ross Model

But now,there is no fear when it is over 190,000 The answer lies in the psychological view of man.

There is a philosophy called the “Kubler Ross Model”. That is, when a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages.

They are- 1.Denial





1. Denial-Refusal to believe such a thing never happened.For example,we all denied that Corona will not come to us. Even it comes,repeated denial that it will not spread to our place due to hot climatic conditions.

2. Anger- Getting angry.For example, anger over the loss of income & the loss of normal life due to lockdown.

3. Bargain- Inwardly lamenting that the Corona may not have come & there should not have been a lockdown at all.

4. Depression-It happened like this and goes in to mental pressure & depression.

5. Acceptance – the last stage.

The other way around is to accept it. Example: Get used to living with Corona.

These 5 levels are not limited to Corona alone. Applies to all the problems in human life. The worst sufferers are the ones who do not reach Acceptance level and remain stuck.

$Millionaire piece of advise

1-Maintain Social Distance

2-Increase Immunity

3-Stay Safe

*Source: Forwards on social media