My souls calling through Mandalas

When I started on mandala art workshops in the corporate I was questioning myself on whether this will really work and what value can I offer to my participants and inculcate a feeling of joy and happiness..

Today I ticked one line item from my bucketlist – “Do a workshop with the worlds largest search platform” ( a no brainer- I say ! )

This workshop was for their India team for well being and for experiencing mindfulness and this came true today!

Over 15+ participants took 60 mins from their busy schedules and took a deep dive and “searched inside themselves” and found creativity , concentration and focus and peace within *This workshop was In collaboration with Ozone Inc

Thank you @ozone_inc !

I got to understand my true purpose when I started experiencing joy after serving audiences and seeing their faces lit up when they found their “Aha” moments !

What is your soul’s true calling or true purpose? What are you currently doing about it?

breakthebias #breaktherules #happyinternationalwomens day2022

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