Re-Claim your Self-Worth and Creativity through Mandalas !!

Self worth comes with doing and being your highest possible self. And I enable this through art and healing methods.

One should not underestimate the power of creativity due to its simplicity. Because in simplicity is where it’s beauty lies!

Once you start getting the feel of how to create mandalas, you will start spending hours of unwanted thinking and over analysing, and finally start getting things into the flow and in the most productive and most effective manner!

By creating and drawing mandalas , you can understand and discover what gives you that self worth and claim it back.

Amongst all topics – Self Knowledge is the highest form of education than any other and that can give oneself immense satisfaction and joy!

Image : This excerpt is from a self expression of a Participant who found himself over 3 sessions and his inner strength & resilience through water colouring and mandala creation!

Dharma Chakra of Life or Wheel of Powerful Affirmations by Siddharth
Flower of Life Mandala by Siddharth
Seed Of Life Mandala by Siddharth

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