How to do a release ritual for stuck emotions from your subconscious mind?

When I work with my clients , lot of times they feel the fears and emotional blocks release after space clearing techniques , however they still tend to carry the debris in their aura. Emotional atmosphere is something that is taken for granted because it is not visible to the naked eye – doesnt mean it is non existential. Here is where emotional body and etheric space clearing tools come handy.

How can my clients know about the feeling exists? Because it influences mood swings and constant yo-yo syndrome of happiness, sadness, anger, frustration , joy or aggressive behaviours. To create a feeling of peace, inspiration and creativity around your aura , you need to do some rituals.

If you want to release some blocks from your aura, then choose to do the ritual during waning moon (for Lunar cycles refer

These fears or blocks are generally stored around your heart chakra .

The ritual that I am sharing here, can be repeated every waning phase moon cycle to ensure that you are completely healed of that emotional state.

When to follow this ritual ?

1- When you have constant arguements with family members or spouse or anyone in particular repeatedly.

2- When everything else looks fine on the surface except there is this feeling of drained or suffocation or invisible pain or feeling in the heart or gut area.

3- Some bad news or some mishap occured due to which you are feeling low or sad for no reason.

4- Someone shared with you their issues or negative stories and you have absorbed those energies – subconsciously.

5- Mentally you feel blocked and no new ideas are flowing in or you seem to be stuck in a box.Also certain thoughts are repeated and don’t seem to go anywhere!

These are signs that there could be a need for space clearing or auric debris or releasing negative thoughts or patterns.

Timing: After the sun has set ( Post 8 pm your time )

Phase : Waning phase ( 2-3 days after full moon phase)

Steps for this ritual :

1- Purchase or place a bowl of rock salt or sea salt

2- Take a brown coloured paper or a brown/black colored sketch pen if you don’t have colored paper.

3 – Start writing down your fears or negative beliefs or thoughts down that constantly bother you or your intentions to release any sort of feelings or thoughts that have been bothering you.

4 – Layout a simple altar with a few candles and clear the space and just place a mat , a clay pot or glass and maybe a few crystals like black tourmaline, Jet , or Black Onyx or Obsidian to help you release those blocks.A kyanite would be great too!

5- Place a house plant or green plant next to you too (if possible)

6- An angel picture or a Saint’s image for protection and prayer

7- An incense stick , match stick and bowl of salt next to you.

8- Play some sufi or calming shamanic music in the background to get into the state to release your fears or blocks.

9- Relax your mind and body and emotions and start writing down those thoughts or feelings or emotions on a piece of paper . Don’t stop writing until you feel its done. Once you have done writing .

10- Hold the paper and pray to the fire element / God that the fears are going to diminish from your aura and say a small gratitude prayer in advance to your angels or higher self for giving this opportunity for you to become free of emotions.And may this be done for your highest good!

11 – Open your eyes , take the paper and light the candle or match stick and start burning the paper in the clay pot or glass bowl . Ensuring you take care of your belongings and stay safe. Take 3 deep breaths and say to yourself -” I see my fears burn in the flame NOW .”

“I see all the negativity or negative energies transmute into fire and light NOW.”

Flame is energy and anything that has energy has a vibrational frequency. There was fire and water and earth at the beginning of all things and This same fire and earth energy were cause by me in my body. I now identify that I have created this energy in my essence or in my existence and NOW I let go of this from my subconscious and consciousness NOW.

Thank you . It is done .It is done. It is done. Let this thought energy flow through you and Know that it is completed. See the fumes and smell them. Intend that you have conquered your fears. Contemplate on this ritual and experience.Note down any thoughts or observations as you get or receive any impressions.

Light a candle and stare at it for a while. ( 5- 10 mins)

Say loudly : I am a reflection of the universe.And I see myself and fill myself with light and love of a greater and higher truth. I am part of an Infinite Universe throughout the time and from the moment it was I have been co creating ever since. ( Extend your arms towards the light or candle)

May this light never be extinguished in my heart , but be with me through all times and all seasons. So shall it be.

This formally ends the ritual. Stay for a few moments in quiet contemplation. aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and calming vibrations produced by the ritual.

So.. do try it and Let me know how it goes! Cheers to your emotional space clearing and emotional freedom!

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