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5 Ways to Drive Away Negative Thinking!

Remember those scenes from The Exorcist where the priest tries to drive the ghost out of the possessed child? Driving away negative thoughts doesnít require as much effort, but it can be a pretty serious battle.

You can’t just tell them to be gone, but instead, need to develop a longstanding strategy for driving them away and keeping them out for good.

1: Admit you have a problem. It can be downright impossible to do self-reflection on this topic, because we often don’t pay attention to your own words or body language. One helpful way to gauge your level of self-defeatist attitude and negativity is to create a chart with two sides. On one side, write down all you positive thoughts that day. On the other, write down all your negative thoughts. You’ll be amazed by how much negativity the average person keeps in their head.

2: Exercise. Getting your body moving is great for changing your mood and your thoughts. You don’t have to run a marathon or swim across the English Channel to make that kind of change…you can just step up, take a walk, do some jumping jacks, or dance. That’s right…dance. Try turning on your favourite music and moving and grooving for a few minutes; see if you’re feeling negative afterward.

3: Practice Gratitude. If making a list of your thoughts was the first step to recognising your negativity problem, building a positive list could be the first step toward solving it. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. Having trouble coming up with a list? How about your breath, your pulse, your sight, and all the other basic amenities we take for granted. Once your start writing your list out, you will find that it snowballs and fills your mind with positivity.

4: Talk about it but avoid amplifying it. Find a friend, family member, therapist, or helpful ear to listen to your problems without judgement, and without recommendation (unless you want it). You could also pray, journal, or craft an art project around your feelings. Once they’re out there, you’ll find yourself strangely (perhaps magically is a better word) unburdened of negative thinking.

5: Change your language. Take stock of the vocabulary and phrases you use regularly, as you did in point #1. Eliminate negative phrases and words from your lexicon, and watch your thoughts change as well. You should also take note of your body language and posture. Avoid slouching, and above all, smile!

How to heal your inner child?

Regardless of your age, you have experienced several problems and heartaches in the past.  Whether it is bullying, loneliness, insecurity or even lack of attention and affection from your family, all of these affect your current situation. These sufferings and heartaches are not easily healed. Like others, you will carry these feelings even at present days.

To take away bad memories and pains in the past, you need to understand the healing of your inner child.  Through this inner child medication, you can heal your mind and soul. You also have a chance to recover the self-confidence to forgive and forget the pain. As a result, you will live in a better and happy life.

To heal the inner child movement, most experts advise the expressive therapy. This includes the use of play, writing, music and non-judgmental mediums. With this process, you can easily release negative thoughts, sabotaging actions and depleting emotions. You can also express your desires and permit the demonstration of real abundance in your life. In addition, through the use of positive affirmations and mediums of inner child therapy, you can block out and alter the integrated beliefs of your outer parenting.  It is also easy for you to release all outside judgment and formation through the use of inner child therapy.

As time passes by, there are various procedures on how to heal your inner child. Apart from mediums and expressive methods, some experts offer a perfect guide like eBooks and programs. With these guides, they understand everything about inner child.  In addition, asking help from experts is also observed by various people. Whatever types of healing process you desire, it doesn’t matter at all. Just make sure that you follow its steps and your condition becomes even better and effective.   

6 tips for finding optimism

Optimism…itís a four syllable word that can be harder to find than diamonds in South Africa. But believe it or not, you too can tap into the earth of your surroundings and dig up a rich store of feel-good.

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My husband mind state very neutral in his reaction at times.He cannot find positivity nor negativity in any circumstances.But he is highly driven by his emotions -his triggers come from either someone dishonoring his value system or his ethics or morality. So he often tells me that I seem to look at every situation – however grave they are – I generally bring out positivity in a manner of reflections and arrive at some conclusions and move ahead with optimism. So , like him , there would be many of you who would be seeking answers or ideas to find optimism in circumstances where you need hope and faith .

Here are a few ways to do that.

1: Find laughter.

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These days, it isn’t hard to find. With Youtube and social media, there is not shortage of memes, videos, vines, and more to get you crackalackin. You could also rent a funny movie, watch stand up comedy, or hangout with funny people. Laughter will lead you to smiling, and smiling will lead you to feeling good. Which brings us to our next point.

2: Turn the frown upside down.

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It is hard to believe that something as smiling can improve your mood, but studies have linked outward acts of happiness to an internal shift. Practice by looking in the mirror and smiling, even it if feels cheesy, stupid, and inauthentic. Hold your smile for a minute, two minutes, five minutes…see how long you can go. Start the day off with a smile, and make a conscious effort to smile more.

3: Use positive words.

Studies have shown and confirmed what spiritual traditions have long held regarding the power of the tongue: words can literally shape the reality around us. If you want to build a more positive vibe, try using more positive words. Eliminate negative talk about yourself, and others as well.

4: Find positive people.

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The impact of those we hang out with is enormous. Avoid negative influences and people who bring your down with complaining and criticism. Misery loves company, the old adage goes, and these people will quickly bring you into a downward spiral. Find friends who are upbeat, positive, and happy, and their resilience and optimism will pass on to you.

5: Stay healthy.

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If you’re feeling tired and sick, it is easy to get irritable and negative. By contrast, try maintaining an active lifestyle of healthy choices that can maximize your energy levels and build you up. It is easier to be upbeat and happy when you feel good inside and out.

6: Get spiritual and/or actualized.

Most spiritual traditions promote a positive outlook on life. If you’re not so into organized religion, find something that can provide a positive outlet for you, like exercise, music, art, or reading. Just like using positive words can turn our perspective around, filling our hearts and minds with good stuff will help optimism come easier.

Bracing the journey of life through courage and grit

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~ Willie Nelson.

Life is like a rollercoaster; it has all the highs and lows. One minute you are at the top of the world and a few minutes later you are entering a scary, dark cave. In these grave moments, we must remember – this too shall pass. 

In my conversation with Sujatha Keni, I got a chance to witness some of her challenges when 30 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Braving her rocky road with hope, courage, and positive thinking she is a turned leaf with more energy and life than ever before. So, without further ado, let’s start our bracing journey of learning how we can win any battle of life with positive thinking. Also, please visit my Instagram page to find my exclusive interview with Mrs.Sujatha Keni, and do like comment and share. 

When light ceases to exist it’s time we light the lamp of hope

We humans have to make rigorous efforts to stimulate positive thoughts. Meanwhile, negative thoughts mostly come uninvited. The fear of difficulties, failures, and disasters can easily grip us to an extent where, no matter how much we try it feels nothing would change in the next lag of life – gloomy, sad and hopeless. 

But why is that? How difficult it can be for our brain to continuously signal positive thoughts? If we go by science, it has a lot to do with the education and environment we are living in. A happy and positive environment is not just necessary for a child’s development but also, it makes a deep impact on the way he or she is going to react to difficult situations. In short, the practice of stimulating positive thinking starts from the very beginning. 

We see through our eyes, but view the world with our mental attitude. Mental health and wellbeing play an important role in giving the “positive filter” to even the most difficult situations. Just is like wearing dark shades, our ambitions, and our circumstances appear dark. Your surrounding and outlook towards life become dark. Replace those dark shades with the rosy ones and see the change.  

How to inculcate the habit of positive thinking?

– Try to look at things positively:

The law of attraction tells us how positive and negative thoughts bring out positive and negative experiences in our life. All across the world people have practiced it, experienced it, and have made positive thinking a crucial part of their life. For changing your life, you need to protect your will the most to overcome your bad situation. It helps you to plan your way out or gives you hope for the good yet to come. 

– Expecting Positive Results: 

When nothing seems right, you must realize and remember your long-term goals. Life is never the same all the time. If there is are dark alleys, it will also give you a chance to walk through beautiful gardens. Hope for positive results that are yet to come. Most of all if you are turning blind towards anything good, you might not even spot an opportunity that could change your life overnight. 

– Don’t give up on your dreams: 

The bad experiences in our lives come to teach us something. If something bad has happened to you automatically you become more cautious about your surrounding and for sure, you will be able to easily spot potholes in the path ahead. But, unlike the first time, you need to keep moving forward with more confidence and energy to struggle for survival. Use your past experiences to fight things strategically.  

Small things to practice each day to overcome negative thinking

Here are a few steps that will help you take over negative thinking. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid negative thinking: 

  1. Every time a negative thought comes in your mind, replace it with a positive one. 
  2. Imagine yourself succeeding whenever you catch yourself visualizing failure. 
  3. Start using more positive words in your conversation, avoid negative words as much as possible.
  4. Speak to yourself, and encourage yourself with powerful words such as “I can”. It will help you boost your self-esteem and give you the courage to experiment with new opportunities. 
  5. Never let the negative words and phrases go on look in your mind. Switch to positive ones. You will soon feel more alert and forthcoming towards making attempts to change your situation. 
  6. Give yourself some break from negativity and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Slowly make your way to a positive attitude.
  7. Sit calmly and decide that from today from this particular moment you will leave the negativity behind and start a new phase – a positive phase of life.

 Surrendering to divine

When something goes out of control and things don’t seem to make much sense resort to god and believe whatever happens it is your destiny and a test that you must pass. Search the divine in yourself. It will work as soup to your soul and will nourish you throughout your journey.

Along with hope and positive thinking, these were some tips that will help you in stopping the train of negative thoughts. Also, positive thinking needs positive actions to translate into change. It is a habit of mind and a very strong way to transform your life.

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