Lifehacks : Wellness advisor tips on how to do holistic decluttering of your space and create more space in your life ?

Holistic decluttering – I want to share 3 very powerful questions that you can ask yourselves to help you declutter at mental , emotional and physical levels to create more space in your life. 
Use the waning phase of the moon cycle to dissolve or release any unwanted thoughts , feelings or actions that may be hampering your progress and growth! 

During the waning moon phase, its time to uncreate, destroy and deconstruct as well ! 

1- Start with writing down the things “I will stop Doing” list at least 15 of them for the coming calendar month 

Spending detox : “I am cautiously spending on the things I really need not what I want.” 

Social media detox : “I have stopped answering what’s app messages from 7 am to 8 am “ 

Diet detox : “I am no longer adding chips/ fried items/ processed foods to my shopping cart” 

2- Watch your thoughts list everyday for 14 days and catch them when you think negative and write them in your diary / journal 
“I will Stop thinking about “ list 

3- Notice your feelings and emotions and write down what you really felt or talk to yourself on why you felt so and offer gratitude to your feelings! 
Surrender those feelings to the universe! Stay positive!

Reinvent yourself – through design thinking (Podcast)

Can you really design your own life in much the same way the architect designs a house and the writer designs a book?

David Bohl at shares his perspective that he doesn’t know if we can design every aspect of our lives because we have certain fixed and certain variable aspects.

For example, we cannot change our upbringing: the parents, siblings, education, childhood experiences, and all that went on before you came to this awareness of your ability to design your life. All that happened in the past has shaped who you are today, so you will need to start designing your life from this point forward.

The great news is that you do not have to leave your present organisation – as I share with a real example – but can reinvent your current situation to give you more of what you want for yourself from your work AND your life!!

As an ex-IBMer, and now a leadership coach, facilitator, and expert in DESIGN THINKING explains what design thinking is, and most importantly how you can use it to RE-INVENT yourself and your career.

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Lifehacks : Wellness advisor tips on how to grow your business/career for entrepreneurs and business owners , freelancers

How to Grow your career / business ?

At times we are stuck and do not know how to arrive at solutions for problems we face. Many a times we need to adopt a growth mindset or flexible mindset to approach the problems differently.

And solving problems doesn’t happen overnight by just making assumptions or wishful thinking.It needs to be cultivated into a habit..A daily practice leads to habit and that leads to a character and then character shapes the mindset to become the persona who envisioned personality.

So if you want to grow your business, first you need to develop a broader mindset – spiritually and mentally. And this comes under the Mental and Spiritual wellness practices .. Here are wellness tips I shared with a community of bloggers and entrepreneurs on Instagram and am sharing it here …..

Trust and hope that many of you will benefit and try this out. if you ever try it and get results do leave your comments here! Stay safe ! Stay blessed!

How to Purify and cleanse your crystals at home!

Purifying and Focusing Your Crystals

Purifying Your Crystals

As crystals hold the energetic charge of everyone who comes into contact with them and absorb emanations from their surroundings, as well as your personal energies, they need regular purifying. This is particularly so when they are being used for healing. It is sensible to purify and re-energize a crystal every time it is used. The method employed will depend on the type of crystal. Soft and friable crystals, for instance, and those that are attached to a base can be damaged by water, and soft stones such as Halite will dissolve. These are best purified by a ‘dry’ process such as brown rice or sunlight, but sturdier crystals benefit from being placed under running water or in the sea.

Purifying and Focusing Your Crystals

 Purifying Your Crystal

As crystals hold the energetic charge of everyone who comes into contact with them and absorb emanations from their surroundings, as well as your personal energies, they need regular purifying. This is particularly so when they are being used for healing. It is sensible to purify and re-energize a crystal every time it is used. The method employed will depend on the type of crystal. Soft and friable crystals, for instance, and those that are attached to a base can be damaged by water, and soft stones such as Halite will dissolve. These are best purified by a ‘dry’ process such as brown rice or sunlight, but sturdier crystals benefit from being placed under running water or in the sea.

The task at hand as this activates them. By taking the time to attune a crystal to your own unique frequency, you enhance its vibratory effect and amplify its healing power.


 1-Running water

7 Ways to Cleanse Healing Crystals and Gemstones

Source – Angel Grotto

Hold your crystals under a running tap, or pour bottled water over them, or place them in a stream or the ocean to draw off negative energy (use a bag to hold small crystals). You can also immerse appropriate crystals in a bowl of water into which a handful of sea salt or rock salt has been added. (Salt is best avoided if the crystal is layered or friable.) Dry the crystal carefully afterwards and place in the sun to re-energize from any niches or cracks in the crystal as otherwise it will absorb water in the future and could cause splintering.) Place the crystals in the sun to re-energize.


Sage, sweetgrass or joss sticks are excellent for smudging as they quickly remove negative energies. Light the smudge stick and pass it over the crystal if it is large, or hold the crystal in your hand in the smoke if it is small. It is traditional to fan the smoke gently with a feather but this is not essential.

How To Smudge (and Sage) Your Space and Body - YouTube
Youtube :

3-Visualizing Light

Hold your crystal in your hands and visualize a column of bright white light coming down and covering the crystal, absorbing anything negative it may have picked up and restoring the pure energy once more. If you find visualization difficult, you can use the light of a candle.

Sending Pure Unconditional Love Healing Energy - Female Hands.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 95432094.

4-Focusing and Activating your crystals ( new moon to full moon phase )

Selenite | Crystal Properties, Appearances & Origins - Stoned Crystals
Tips : Use a selenite plate or wand to re-energize the crystals

Once your crystal has been purified and re-energized, sit quietly holding the crystal in your hands for a few minutes until you feel in tune with it. Picture it surrounded by light and love. State that the crystal is dedicated to the highest good of all who use it. Then state very clearly your intention for the crystal – that it will heal or protect you, for instance. If it is intended for a specific purpose such as healing a particular condition, state that also. Repeat the intention several times to anchor it into the crystal.

See What Happens When You Start Bonding With Crystals - AtPerry's Healing  Crystals
Atprerys healing crystals

Refer to for new moon and full moon phase cycle / calendar.

Please leave your comments and suggestions if you need any further help or you are looking for supporting in healing yourself through crystals!

Kubler Ross Model and Corona Connections

People feared when country’s corona count was 100.

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*Kubler Ross Model

But now,there is no fear when it is over 190,000 The answer lies in the psychological view of man.

There is a philosophy called the “Kubler Ross Model”. That is, when a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages.

They are- 1.Denial





1. Denial-Refusal to believe such a thing never happened.For example,we all denied that Corona will not come to us. Even it comes,repeated denial that it will not spread to our place due to hot climatic conditions.

2. Anger- Getting angry.For example, anger over the loss of income & the loss of normal life due to lockdown.

3. Bargain- Inwardly lamenting that the Corona may not have come & there should not have been a lockdown at all.

4. Depression-It happened like this and goes in to mental pressure & depression.

5. Acceptance – the last stage.

The other way around is to accept it. Example: Get used to living with Corona.

These 5 levels are not limited to Corona alone. Applies to all the problems in human life. The worst sufferers are the ones who do not reach Acceptance level and remain stuck.

$Millionaire piece of advise

1-Maintain Social Distance

2-Increase Immunity

3-Stay Safe

*Source: Forwards on social media

Mandala art therapy online workshop participants testimonials !

So what did our mandala art therapy online workshop participants have to say once the series was completed over the 5 days?

Here are 5 reviews : 

1-It was an amazing experience and I also extend my heartiest gratitude for it. Over all it was great and I learnt something new during this COVID-19 period of crisis!

2-Thank you for this session Ranjini. It was very healing for me. I got closer to my spirit and soul with Mandala therapy. You are Angelic and Divine !

3-This was one of the very first workshop that I had ever attended and it was amazing . Only if I had proper tools I wouldn’t have had any regrets .

4-What an Online Refreshment!

5-We can learn anything if we put efforts and focus!

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How to find your passion using IGIKAI?

Spending your your in self awareness means constructively using it on anything which motivates you and helps create or reinvent yourself or makes you more confidence and living the best version of yourself!

One such self awareness exercise is reading books; they not only help you add to your knowledge but also enable you to concentrate and gain something insightful and build your expertise.

Some books have such powerful content that you feel like they changed your life and one such book is ‘Ikigai’.

I have been using IKIGAI process with my clients to help them discover themselves again and get back into the flow.Sometimes, in the rush to achieve our goals and racing up to corporate game can exhaust you.

Ikigai is a Japanese secret for a long and happy life. The book takes you around true-life stories of men and women living in Okinawa, a small island in the south of Japan, who have essentially lived content over the ages of 100 and how? Where your passion, mission, profession and vocation collide is where you ‘Ikigai’ is born; the purpose of your life, the joy and fulfilment in your daily routine.

I suggest that everyone should try reading and applying this 5 step method during this phase and make it worthwhile your time and energy !

I am attaching a high rise design template for trying your IKIGAI process.

Give me a shout out if you need help in working with introspecting this with you!


Five Elements of Design for your Life’s blueprint

Just like there are elements of Design while designing marketing campaign , Mobile / Websites , Spaces or Homes – Can we have a different perspective or wear a designers mindset to design our life/ Career/ Business success roadmap?

So , Why #Designthinking is a novel approach to problem solving?

Also , I am sharing my videos and interviews around “How I designed & Reinvented my career roadmap” using Design thinking principles and frameworks and gained success – Balanced Career & Mindset , Balanced Lifestyle ( working for 16 -20 hours a week as against 40 hours a week , and living a life of meaning , purpose and contributing towards self and others.

I know most of you would be looking for clarity on how to get started ,so a few years ago, I had delivered a very powerful Design Thinking talk about how I applied this powerful framework to redesign my entire life. You can Check out more talks like this by joining the Design Thinking Community via

So I Trust and Hope this gives you inspiration to redesign your own life and career to achieve a balanced lifestyle and meaningful and purposeful career or business model !

If you have any queries or questions on how I do provide coaching & mentoring services on Lifestyle Design for Career / Life / Business .

Reach out on Linkedin or reach out to me through Contact Us page

The Concept of 212 Degrees — Inspirational and Motivational series!

This Concept of 212 Degrees — one tiny degree between 211 and 212 degrees, Just like it is in life and business, the difference between running with the pack and leading the pack is that small extra degree of effort, focus, determination.

Source ~ David Natiuk

Though a dated one – we sometimes need to bring our emotions to the brim to have a breakthrough – Emotions such as Anger , Crying , Shouting , Screaming are all expressions of the body to release the blockages to progress towards the future reality or future personality.So the next time you need to keep yourself motivated just do quick check within yourself – are you giving your 200% or 300% to bring a change in your habits?


Throughout South America, Amazonite, also known as “The Amazon Rock,” was modeled after the Amazon River. This is believed to have been found in the Brazilian Amazon River Basin. They were named the ‘hope stone’ because they encourage you to talk with confidence and self-assurance and build hope for the success of the process.

Image Credit : Ranjini’s Angel Oracle Cards Photography , Amazonite Chain

Who should be considering wearing this?

Amazonite is known for its calming properties so is very helpful for the hostile and nervous. During stressful situations it gives the feeling of serenity. Amazonite rock brings equilibrium and peace, rationalizes the irrational and silences the mind. It is really useful for the undecided as it explores the reluctance and lack of confidence in decision taking. 

Why should you consider this?

Amazonite is known for its soothing properties. It soothes your anxiety and nervous system and helps ensure optimal wellbeing. It disperses harmful strength, deterioration and nervous system blockages. It brings balance in both masculine and feminine, lets you see both sides of a problem, or various perspectives. It wakes up your inner child and encourages you to spend time and space in your daily life for fun, joy and play. 

It is inspiring, promoting self-discovery, knowledge of oneself and the ability to accept one’s own honesty and reality. Amazonite forces strengthen faith in shrinking fear of conflict or harsh judgment from others when living by one’s own standards and convictions, all of which are amazonite in nature.

How to wear it? 

It can be used as a wrist mala for prayer beads. It can be worn as a necklace or pendant of amazonite gemstones so it will be near your heart or throat.

Image credits : Ranjini Rao’s Angel Oracle cards with Ammonite Beads Mala

Chakra Enhancer: Amazonite can balance 2 chakras: Heart Chakra & Throat Chakra.

Heart Chakra: Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra is located in the heart region. It is related to feelings of love, compassion and trust. By balancing this chakra you can get rid of mood swings and have a very optimistic approach towards life. The Amazonite Crystal gives you the wisdom to understand compassion by energizing the heart chakra and helping it. Life can often seem daunting and bewildering, but the Amazonite is bringing order to chaos, with its pure light flowing with love and hope.

Throat Chakra: Throat chakra or Vishuddha Chakra is located at the base of the throat, overlapping the thyroid gland. It represents communication abilities in a constructive manner and positive self expression. By balancing this chakra you can enhance your creativity and satisfaction.

Element:  Earth, Water

Planet: Uranus

Here are the reasons why you would love an Amazonite.
Spiritual Benefits :
Amazonite soothes all your chakras especially the heart center and throat chakra.
It helps you to integrate and synthesize your duality.
You can also manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love.
Emotional Benefits :
It provides for pacification, and eliminates aggravation.
It helps you to fight your fears and worries.
It also dispels irritating and negative energies by soothing your nerves.

Physical Benefits:
The Amazonite helps you fight calcium deficiency the cause of osteoporosis and tooth decay.
It also helps you in dispelling spasms of the muscle tissue.
It safeguards you from nervous system disorders.

“Dear beloved one, use my vibration to express your thoughts and feelings with love and truth, to develop discrimination between what is real and true and what is not. As you unveil the truth, you will be more peaceful and attain ‘Sthirta’ (stillness).”