Passion and Purpose

Do you ever feel confused? Pulled in so many directions at one time that you cannot figure out what you are interested in or how it all could possibly fit together? 

Underneath the indifference and confusion, there is still a voice saying, “There has to be more than this!” 

There is. 

The great news is that it DOES all fit together, because YOU fit together. You would not be the you that you are without all the fabulous bits that come together into the delightfully human you are. 

for eg : 

Do you dream of being on stage? 

• Writing a bestselling novel? 

• Producing a life-changing film? 

• Changing the way people think about their spirituality? 

See, you were designed this way. You have a purpose and a plan and your soul signed you up for ALL the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing. 

Your soul knows what it knows. You would not be called to it if you did not have it in you. If you are called to it, it is part of your purpose! So what are you waiting for ?

My perspectives on Following your Passion and Purpose

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