Water and Reiki / Prayers: Peoples thoughts are transmitted through water – Masaru Imoto

As you see from the water peace project movement by Masaru Imoto an experiment was conducted to check the impact of prayers on our cells .

WATER & Prayer : Peoples thoughts are transmitted through water

~ Our consciousness affects water. Our collective thoughts have an especially remarkable effect. They are like laser light that can reach even the surface of the moon.

~ The water crystal picture before the prayer looks horrible. Examine more closely, it looks like a woman struggling and suffering in despair. However the other picture turned out to be beautiful.
To my amazement, it was not a hexagon but a heptagon.

We have never been able to take such a picture of a heptagonal crystal before. I wondered why this happened, soon I came to realize the reason and developed a new hypothesis: water is a pilot for all beings.

When humans, who reside in three-dimensional world, move to the other world, water alone can synchronize with the energy levels of their consciousness.

Water is the only agent that does not interfere with humans and takes them to the other dimensions as they are. Therefore, in the three-dimensional world, water must change its physical properties variously; thus, give us hints for its functions. The ultimate aspiration of water in the solar system must be “light“ itself. ~ Masaru Emoto – The Shape Of Love

Likewise , we in reiki , share the gift of self care and self love practice to restoring your cells to wellness and to it’s original blueprint, we don’t promise fruits or results because healing is the willingness something the receiver brings to their space 🙏

Therefore, the truest and highest form of our self potential is to Love thyself to reach here with Water we consume and how is most important.

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